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zero visibility corp. / Ina Christel Johannessen

zero visibility corp. was founded in 1996. Since forming, the company has been marked by Ina Christel Johannessen’s particular choreographic style. The artistic work is characterized by a striking physical and technical expression, allowing the dancers to excel, but simultaneously she expresses in her work the complexity of human life, our feelings, emotions and conditions. The composition is built up around the physically visual and audible space and the actions of the dancers. Proximity and distance, strength and fragility exist side by side.

ZVC is a leading Norwegian dance company that has achieved international acclaim. The company is touring worldwide with performances of both smaller and medium scale and the production involve partnerships with several Norwegian and international co-producers and collaborators.
Touring productions:

• (im)possible – 5 dancers
• NOW SHE KNOWS – 18 dancers
•’s only a rehearsal – 2 dancers
• Leave.Two.House – 2 dancers
• AGAIN - 7 dancers –

“zero visibility corp. is one of the leading Norwegian dance companies that has played an important role for several years now. On the international dance scene, it has perhaps become more visible since ”’s only a rehearsal” (2003). The company’s leader and choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen has developed an artistic strategy that exceeds some of the oppositions in contemporary dance; between art-dance and pop-dance, “pure
dance” and theatrical dance, humorous and serious dance. As member of the audience we are thrown into crossroads between aesthetic extremes in physically explicit and powerful expressions. We are united in a belief in dance as an art form. It is perhaps in this insisting on the concrete and physically demanding choreography that zero visibility corp. place themselves in a theatrical dance tradition, creating their very own artistic profile”.

Siren Leirvåg, Lecturer in Theatre Studies, University of Oslo

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