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Homing device, taking all categories together, ZH inc. defends since 1993, a certain sound. A certain vision... A certain life style. Rebel and passionately underground. From punk hardcore to metal rock, from crusty folk to dub and roots reggae, via drum n' bass, contemporary dance, hip-hop and electronic music, ZH is always on the case : A&R for Roadrunner rec, press officer for mystics label like Ninja Tune , Tresor or Kitty Yo , manager, booking agent and producer of independent electronic labels Furtif Rec, Has Been and Playwax ). Intrepid and stateless, ZH struggles for all kinds of arts and expression.
Main and unique motto: to love with insanity, determination and stubbornness, the artists, events, festivals or productions she has chosen to represent and to develop.

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