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  1. Mytherapy

    Mytherapy PRO London


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    Mytherapy is a boutique creative studio specialising in colour. We are a team of colourists, colour scientists, motion picture retouchers and producers who use a visual language to create the ultimate emotional reaction in the viewer. We collaborate with the world’s leading camera, software…

  2. Frans De Backer

    Frans De Backer Plus Grand Cayman


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    is a professional lighting cameraman and underwater cameraman. Full Trimix diver on the APD Inspiration CCR and rEvo and PADI OWSI with specialties in underwater videography and digital underwater photography.

  3. Riley Hooper

    Riley Hooper Staff Brooklyn, NY


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    i'm a non-fiction aficionado. a content + community manager at vimeo. and a documentary filmmaker. i curate clouds: https://vimeo.com/channels/fluffies and documentaries: https://vimeo.com/channels/nonfiction i'm from portland, OR!

  4. Freelance Camera

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