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Zimran Lucero was born in 1983 in Ensenada, Baja California—México—and then raised in a shark fishing village on the Sea of Cortéz. Growing up in such a unique location provided a creative and unconventional mindset during his childhood, which eventually exploded into a passion for nature and simplicity in life.

Although he didn't receive a formal education during his childhood, Zimran was home-schooled by his parents; an avid reader, he would spend countless hours exploring the fathomless depths of narrative stories, mystery, and science fiction. Eventually, these actions would transform into an eagerness to become a storyteller, and use the power of story and film to reach out and touch audiences.

In 2001 Zimran decided that he needed to learn more about Earth and its different cultures, so he joined the US Navy with hopes of learning about the world, along with earning money for his education. Seven years would pass before he bid farewell to military life and donned the garb of a civilian. Using the money that he had saved up during his career, in 2008, Zimran moved to Honolulu, Hawaiʻi where he studied Creative Media; in three and a half years, he obtained his AA from Kapiʻolani Community College, and then a BA from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

Through film and story, Zimran hopes to capture the thoughts and minds of audiences around the world. Part of his knowledge comes from having worked and learned from some of the best people in the business. Projects such as LOST, Flight 29 Down, Hawaii-5-0, Jump, Dress, and countless of commercials all contribute to his production experience. Most recently, Zimran has directed several short films, including Tlamictihquetl—The Hunter, Treasure of Kiosa, and Night Rain.

Ultimately, he loves the medium of film and strives to better himself with each project that he has the opportunity to work on. Some of Zimran's short films and videos can be viewed at zimranlucero.com

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