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Ko Zin Myoe Sett is an independent filmmaker from Myanmar. After completion of his arts studies at the University, his professional career debuted in early 2000 and practically bold in the filed since 2005 after completion of series of dedicated regional and international workshops on Film Making.

 a film director, through his outstanding works, he was chosen to take part in International Visitors Leadership Program in 2010. During the trip in America with the IVLP program titled "FILM IN THE US", his film, “ Lives and The Magic Hands” was shown across the States Visit.

After completing the series of workshops on Film Making, he has been conducting workshops since 2010 sharing his entire knowledge on enthusiasts and emerging young filmmakers in South East Asia region. Since then, he becomes a dedicated Instructor and Mentor in his pedagogical skill to serve and promote the film making skills among young filmmakers in the region.

In 2013, one of his films shot in 2009, Our Forests, Our Future was in official selection at the first Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival occurred in Yangon, Myanmar.

Currently, he has established Myanmar New Wave Film and Digital Media Co.,Ltd in Yangon, Myanmar. The functions include commercial films; Music Videos, Shorts and Features film productions and Crew arrangement and Equipment Service Rental for independent filmmakers around the world.

Engaging and promoting newborn young filmmakers from Myanmar, Myanmar New Wave Film and Digital Media is committed to enter the local and international film communities and aim to assist quality production services and professional skills to small and big scales production requirements. The goal of MNW is not only to build the business platform but also to promote new born emerging young filmmakers nexus with local, regional and international film production, co-production and film festival networks.
Professions -Directing

Genre - Documentary, Corporate Film, Music Video,
-Short and Feature Film

In The Field - Since 2000

Film Programs selected him
to join in Asia - Bangkok, Philippines, Cambodia,
- Lao PDR, Singapore.

Film Programs Selected him
to join in West - International Visitors Leadership Program
"Film In The US"
Regions Cover - Washington DC, New York, Jacksonville, Florida,
2010 Sundance Film Festival
Utah, California. USA.

Film Shown in - ThaiPBS, National TV channel
Film Title - Lives and the Magic Hands I
Genre - Documentary ( Poetic Portrait)
Professional Role - Director, Camera, Editor

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