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NYC, DC, Philadelphia & VA

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Zoey Song, NY and CA State Child Performer Permits, COOGAN Trust Fund Account & US Passport.

Child actress with several years of extensive speaking roles experience. Actress has filmed in NYC, NJ, PA, MD and VA. More demos to be added soon. Paid actor with NYC SVA as needed.

Please go to goodbyetomuffy.com to see first short filmed at age 4 that has won multiple awards at film festivals.

Coming soon ... short film to be release from HBO producers Mohammad Maaty & OSCAR winner, Stefanie Walmsley.

Coming soon ... additional short films produced in last year.

For more information, please contact Zoey's manager, LisaHMiller@outlook.com


  1. Justin Snyder
  2. Won Novalis
  3. Ernie Chandler
  4. Alexander Films LLC