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ZOMBIES VIDEO is a project born in 1999 from an idea of three guys who grew up in the city of Trieste (Italy), with a passion for skating and snowboarding: Joel Mrvcic, Enrico Cerovac AKA Polli and Diego Mele.

Their first work, "ZOMBIES SKATE & SNOW VIDEO", came out in October 2000 and was reviewed as the best Italian video ever produced.

Thanks to this first video (entirely self produced), they established themselves in the Italian scene and also received positive feedback from all over Europe, which pushed them to go on with the project.

In 2001, the next work "ZED" came out, sponsored by some of the major companies in the skate and snowboard business (Oakley, Bastard, SlamJam, RedBull, to name a few).

This is when they felt they had to materialize their efforts.

Eight videos have been realized so far: the first two ("ZOMBIES SK8 & Snow VIDEO" and "ZED"), followed by "RULEZ", "MAKE LOVE" and "OPEN YOUR EYEZ" (the latter portraying the entire Italian OAKLEY Team, including three other disciplines: FMX, BMX and WAKE)

In 2005 they realized two new productions: "LET'S CHANGE SIDE", which focussed on the Italian skate scene (supported by Bastard) and "PROSIT", entirely dedicated to snowboard (supported by Fiat Freestyle Team, RedBull and Arven). They had the chance to have some notable professionals by their sides: for the skate video, they collaborated with film-maker Giovanni Cecconi from Genova, who already realized Mosaic Video Mag, and Davor Miljkovic from Slovenia; for the snowboard production, Alessandro Miniotti, who was already active in the scene and had already worked with Method Mag and Sequence DVD Mag, joined with them as a collaborator.

In 2006, "SOMESPLASH" Snowboard Movie came out (with the ever-valuable collaboration of Alessandro Miniotti) on dvd, as a supplement to the Italian "Entry Magazine", supported by Fiat Freestyle Team, Red Bull, Iuter, Arven, DC and Protest. For the first time, the Zombies crew shot not only on digital but also on film, both 16 and 8 mm, conferring a greater impact and a different gloss to the action takes, as well as the fiction scenes in the video, which always distinguished their productions.

In 2007, "CUT' N PASTE" Skateboard Movie comes out on dvd, supported by Nike sb, Carhartt, Fallen, DC, Iuter and Cmyk Shoes, as a supplement to "Freestyler Skateboard Mag". It can surely be considered one of the most mature amongst Zombies Video's works to this date and it also received positive feedback and attention from the European media.
Not only did it star both Italian and European skateboarders (especially from Slovenia, as a result of yet another collaboration with Davor Miljkovic), but all the art work also featured the touch of a popular up-and-coming street art talent: "Font Face", who also produced a limited edition "Zombies vs FontFace" T-shirt, thanks to the Milan-based brand, Iuter.
This collaboration was once again consecrated by a short film/documentary, "ORA ET LABORA", by Enrico Cerovac, where the artist's works are shown. This short film was presented in the extra material section of the above dvd and also had a great success in a few festivals in Italy and abroad. This video, entirely dedicated to the board on 4 wheels, was also shot both on digital and film (16mm & 8mm) and was produced in cooperation with some popular Italian film-makers.

Zombies Video has since engaged in video communication, producing documentaries and promotional clips for companies and media not only within the skateboard and snowboarding field but also far beyond: artists, graphic designers, photographers and music labels.


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