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Thank you very much for coming by! My videos are best enjoyed with some good headphones or speakers that handle the low end.

Hi. Everything on this site has been directed and edited by me and shot with the help of Mel Neff and a few others. Some of the music is original as well. Someday I want to walk away from the editing chair and only return to edit my own footage to do more than just cut reality shows. This is close to it. I just need more than an iPhone and GoPro!

This site is not my video resume, but pieces I made with time I could dedicate to making something for myself and for my friends and my family to remember good times and experience some of my adventures. If you can picture what I can do with a budget and a project to do, let's get famous! If not enjoy my little creative outlet.

Thanks for stopping by!

Zack Stoller
Director/Editor/DJ Producer


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