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  1. Take a Trip

    by Dylan Tull Gunnett subscribed to

    385 Videos / 23 Followers

  2. Z R A

    by ricardo montalban subscribed to

    35 Videos / 10 Followers

    ZzZzRa zZzZrA ZZzzRA zzZZra ZzzZra zzZzrA zZZzRA ZZzZRa

  3. Art videos (Souvenirs from Earth)

    by Alec Crichton subscribed to

    167 Videos / 760 Followers

    SOUVENIRS FROM EARTH is a CABLE TV station broadcasting a 24/7 ART program. We are available on European cable networks. This is our VIMEO selection. Find us at www.sfe.tv Find our VIMEO Profile…

  4. Mandelnauts

    by Don Whitaker subscribed to

    105 Videos / 36 Followers

    Exploring the 3D Fractal Multiverse. You can be a Mandelnaut, too! Visit FractalForums.com for a free copy of Jesse's Mandelbulb 3D. http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=downloads Or…

  5. Band

    by Mattwins subscribed to

    27 Videos / 11 Followers

    For one song, the camera is a full member of the band. Where everything starts. Where everything ends. Le temps d'un morceau, la caméra est un membre à part entière…

  6. vakukfilms

    by Zsombor Csont subscribed to

    1,224 Videos / 103 Followers

    everything we like

  7. Technophilia

    by Antonio Zapata subscribed to

    1,148 Videos / 314 Followers

  8. Lab Partner

    by AdamPellinDeeve subscribed to

    1,754 Videos / 1,926 Followers

    Supporting recklessly experimental talents of the moving image and A/V— individuals who effectively test the boundaries of style, technique and concept. Is it art? Is it science? Does it…

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