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Los Angeles

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Zurab graduated with honors from the University of Theater and Film of Georgia in 2005, and national media attention for his final film project propelled him into the international film festival circuit. Inspired to build on his success, Zurab moved to the United States, and New York has became his new creative playground.

More than nine years of professional career in the U.S. sharpened Zurab’s digital production skills to an expert level. Full mastery of the post-production process affords him the experience and vision that are so critical for a creative director. Both his education as a director, and his professionally acquired know-how enabled Zurab to fulfill his potential as a well-rounded cinematographer. He has worked on a multitude of successful projects with clients like Dana White, Jen Wenk, Noel Lee, and many others.

Zurab recently moved to Los Angeles in search of new horizons. His scope of work is increasing continuously and his pursuit of happiness blends in seamlessly. Time is invaluable and creativity never sleeps.


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