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Czech film director Zuzana Dubová borned in 1983 and studied film direction and screeenplay at Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic. The first short film The "porter" was screened in czech TV in terms of the Night of young filmmakers. The movie "3 days" is her direction début. In the year 2006 she studied the film school „Escuela de Cine en Barcelona“ where she filmed the short movie "Anna" and colaborated on many short films. She returned to Barcelona for second time in 2008 and worked like assistant director in production and film company Making off. She directed the documentary for the foundation S.O.S. Tucumán which was screend for the catalán government and also provided a financal amounts for the education of kids in the province Tucumán, Argentina.

Her début 3 days was created in 2008 and 2009 from the resources of the Foundation for the Development and Support of the Czech Cinematography. The movie 3 days won four prizes: The price of UPP in International film student festival in Písek, Honourable Mentiones of The Brno Sexteen and The special prize
for the most interesting film by the Brno Cultural Centre, The prize of jury in Short movie festival in Potenza, Italy.

Now she prepares the documentary „Tomato on the road“ with the ecological overrun for Hnuti Duha and also directs programmes for Czech TV. Worth mentioning the film projects starting the summer 2011 with deaf kids.

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