We’ve been working with our friends over at Dropbox to give everyone a cool new way to upload videos. Starting today, you can marry your Vimeo and Dropbox accounts to seamlessly upload your video files directly from Dropbox.

Here are just a few reasons why it’s cool:

  • If you depend on Dropbox for syncing and storing all your videos files, you don’t have to visit Vimeo to upload them again. One less step!
  • Auto-upload any video you save to Dropbox. Just choose your auto-upload folder, save a video there and we’ll handle the rest.
  • When uploading from Dropbox, you can leave the browser window as soon as you start uploading. No need to babysit a progress bar.

If you already use Dropbox to backup and save your videos, this integration should make your life a lot easier. For more information about how to set it up, visit our FAQ. We’re constantly updating our uploading features, including being able to choose any frame of your video as a thumbnail, and we’re going to be announcing more in the coming weeks.

Connect your Dropbox to Vimeo and all this can be yours!


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Warner Corporate Photography

Warner Corporate Photography PRO

Guys, this is outstanding! It will add Vimeo uploading to many devices and make batch export & uploads much, much easier!



That's really great!

Tyler Twombly

Tyler Twombly

Hey, wow...I am sort of new to Vimeo and I really like it. That forest creature is bad-ass at explaining stuff.

InterMotion Media

InterMotion Media Plus

I'm just discovering this relationship between dropbox and vimeo and loving it! Though I can't figure out if vimeo searches subfolders or if I need to have all of my videos directly in the one dropbox folder that I point vimeo to. Thanks

Timur Tregulov

Timur Tregulov Plus

If One's Video is a training or a course that's on sale, is there an option for securing video matireals from pirats or one's downloading it?


YogaHub Plus

Yes this is possible, assuming you have a PRO or paid account. There's a way to set the default video properties for every video uploaded to your account. Then all new videos uploaded via DropBox would just inherit those properties. So if you provide paid content, you should have a PRO account anyways, and it's always safer to lock your content by default and then manually unlock the video if it's a promotional vid for the public.


YogaHub Plus

Super Mac user tip!

We just automated our video workflow at YogaHub.TV and now all videos are rendered out of FCP X, placed into our special DropBox folder, uploaded to Vimeo (and YouTube) and then we use Hazel to automatically migrate and compress the files off to our Drobo for archive.

What a beautiful thing!

Wilson Filho

Wilson Filho PRO

So there isn't a problem in removing these files from Dropbox after they're already online on Vimeo?

Sebastian Sulinski

Sebastian Sulinski PRO

Yeah - I would like to find out about this too - once videos are uploaded and I remove the from Dropbox - will this affect the videos on Vimeo server - meaning - will they also be deleted?



Hey there,

I have synched my dropbox to my vimeo. I have connected one folder to upload automatically. The clips are synching at the moment. I see that some of them are done in Dropbox but nothing is happening on vimeo. Doed the whole file have to be fully synched on dropbox before the uploads on vimeo start?

All the best,

H. Bruce Wilson

H. Bruce Wilson Plus

Any chance you can tweak sot that watch folders can include SUBfolders as well? At the moment it only uploads from a root folder. Using sendtodropbox.com, I have clients sending clips to dropbox\apps\attachments\[clientname]. It would be really helpful if...

enoch kim

enoch kim Plus

If a video is deleted from the dropbox after its been uploaded to vimeo will the video still be online on the vimeo page?

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