We aren’t supposed to play favorites. So even though Brad is clearly our favorite Vimeo employee, we still aren’t able to choose which group of amazing humans we adore more: Vimeo’s incredible creators, or our vivacious viewers. The thing is, we love them both. So much. Love them love them. Not platonically.

And that love is why we’re unleashing a nifty combo of new Vimeo On Demand updates that benefit both parties:

Faster checkout
When you’re ready to watch a movie, you’re READY TO WATCH A MOVIE. You don’t want to deal with money, or the plastic equivalent thereof. So, now viewers can save their billing info (extremely securely, of course) for speedy Vimeo On Demand purchasing at any time.

Helpful content ratings
Creators can now add content ratings to their Vimeo On Demand pages so viewers will know exactly what they’re getting into. Even if what they’re getting into is totally suitable for all audiences. Choose from exciting ratings such as “All audiences,” “Mature” and “No grandma don't click nooooooooo!!!”

Enjoy this swiftfastsafeitude! We demand it.

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RJ McNichols

RJ McNichols Plus

Have you thought of doing a "Pay as much as you would like" option for Vimeo on Demand?

Andrew Browne

Andrew Browne Plus

I like the Tip Jar method but the "Pay what you want" option kind of states that it is the norm to pay for this content, and how much is up to you. There will always be people willing to contribute as im sure you have found out with the Tip Jar service but this is after the fact.


Domain7 Plus

Would love a pay-what-you-want option!

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

When a viewer purchases access to your video, it appears in their Watch Later queue which is accessible via Apple TV :)

Matt Downer

Matt Downer

How about a pay-as-you-like option?

Simon Tarr

Simon Tarr Plus

The problem with tip jar is that may professional find it insulting insulting. I might use a pay-what-you-want option, but I'll never EVER use a "tip jar" because I don't work for tips. They may be functionally the same, but they don't feel the same, so they're not the same.


Dustin Plus

Brad is definitely in my top 5*

*he's number 1


melloajello PRO

How about the ability to embed vimeo on-demand on my own web page?

Chris Diken

Chris Diken Staff

You can do that currently — you can choose to sell your work on vimeo.com, on your own site, or in both places.



I hope that vimeo supports non-members can pay and watch it. Or please open your API to build this payment solution in my wordpress website.



Please support to customize the language interface on it.

Suzanne Andrews

Suzanne Andrews PRO

I would love to be able to give my website visitors the option of purchasing the videos directly from my website. Also I would like to know who my customers are.

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Customers can opt to share their information with you for future updates. Also, you can map your custom domain to your VOD page, or simply embed the video which directs users back to the page to purchase.

We have plans to allow for purchasing in the player itself, so stay tuned!

Sohrab Pirayesh

Sohrab Pirayesh PRO

How about the ability to opt-in to share your email with the filmmaker for updates on the film and future projects.

Sohrab Pirayesh

Sohrab Pirayesh PRO

I know they can opt-in, but do you share those emails with the filmmaker? That would be great in helping us build our following.


OSGFilms Plus

I don't have pro only plus but i can tell you one thing about emails and sensitive information. You have to build trust and that requires consistency in quality and you to have to start branding. They are trusting Vimeo with this information because Vimeo earned it. Seeing the actual emails is a webmaster level of control and backend, who is to say you will use this sensitive information for good. I'm not judging you in negatives I am just saying, in the wrong hands bad idea.

I built trust with my readers so i get to see their sensitive info, it took a lot of work and time. So get started, build a website, add a newsletter signup to the registration page or the side bar for example. You cant have vimeo do this part for you..., In my case i started working my butt of for my readers a couple years ago. And now I use a newsletter on the left hand sidebar which i use to send them updates on new articles, but also new FREEBIES and downloads etc. Try to make it really worth it!

peppermint anime

peppermint anime PRO

Billing in EUR and multiple viewing option (24hrs/48hrs/etc.) for a single video would be great :) Keep the good work up :)

Sohrab Pirayesh

Sohrab Pirayesh PRO

Love vimeo pro. Few more feature requests:
1. the ability to place a bit of javascript on the order confirmation page so we can track the effectiveness of ad campaigns promoting the film on vimeo.
2. An embedable vimeo player with all of the purchase options built in.
3. Closed captioning/subtitles
4. better integration of vimeo on demand on vimeo.com. Currently its very separate and feels like we don't get any of the marketing boost available for videos on vimeo.

Chris Diken

Chris Diken Staff

Thanks for the feedback. We're actually addressing some of these requests in a very imminent product release. Keep your eyeballs peeled!



still no € possibility to pay. can´t be so difficult, or? I told you already germans are not willing to pay in $


Necrófero Plus

Very good vímeo
-Utensilios de supervivencia vimeo.com/channels/645736
-Trampas de caza mayor y menor vimeo.com/channels/645733
-Ballestas antiguas vimeo.com/channels/645739
-Armas antiguas y de imitación vimeo.com/channels/645746
-Herraje de caballos vimeo.com/channels/645757
-experimentos caseros vimeo.com/channels/645759
-Defensa personal vimeo.com/channels/645761
-Escalada vertical y nudos vimeo.com/channels/645768
-artesanía y cultivos hidropónicos vimeo.com/channels/645772
-Andujar capitalidad de la Monteria vimeo.com/channels/646052

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