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“Like a lot of companies, we likely won’t return to how it was. In-person events, in addition to being expensive, may not be as practical. Live video streaming is not just a COVID-19 solution, it’s a modern solution for the new workplace.”

Peter Strella,
Director of Communications & Creative Media Services

“Vimeo helps us easily create high-quality videos to share with current and potential clients, with no video production or editing experience needed.”

Cassie Drumm,
Senior Account Executive

“From a marketing perspective, Vimeo is great for us because everything lives in one place. Once the video is done, it’s really easy for us to share on social and embed into websites.”

Kyle Rajaneimi,
Marketing Manager

“Employee training used to lack energy; they became impersonal to only see slides and hear voices. Live streaming has helped build out company culture and make things personal again.”

Michael Melhorn,
Multimedia Director

“We have an innovative product. Vimeo is a super powerful tool for conveying how our products work without endless pages of infographics and text.”

Briana Lyon,
Founder and CEO

“Video helps us educate and connect with our community in a more authentic way.”

Kevin Reid,

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