Stay in sync with your team.

    Video for internal communications

    The perfect video platform to keep your company organized, connected, and engaged from anywhere.

    Trusted by leading brands

    From all-hands
    to team training.

    TV-quality live streaming and a simple-to-use interface can bring your far-flung employees together in real time for all your important corporate communications.
    In companies where management had adopted video for corporate communication before the pandemic, employees were over 50% more likely to see their organization as well-equipped  to transition into the future of work.

    No video left behind.

    Store and organize your videos in a secure, intuitive viewing hub, giving everyone what they need in one core location.
    Employee's are 33% more likely to align with company goals  at organizations where leadership embraces video.

    Get your ideas across.

    Capture everything in one video message with Vimeo Record. Record your screen, camera, or both, say your piece, then share the video privately and invite collaborators to leave comments.

    On demand.

    Get everyone up to speed with onboarding, HR training, compliance, professional development, high-impact seminars, and more.
    35% of HR professionals  report that the pandemic has made training and onboarding a significant challenge for their companies.

    Tools to take your communication further.

    • Engagement
      Turn your live events into interactive experiences with live polls, Q&A, and audience chat.
    • Security
      Control access with SSO, domain whitelisting, and embed restrictions.
    • Analytics
      Improve performance by going deep on user-level analytics, location data, and engagement graphs.
    • Video management
      Centralize your organization’s live and on-demand video in one intuitive, customizable showcase.
    • Screen recording
      Create and share video messages to connect with your team and simplify training and onboarding.
    • Interactive marketing
      Convert viewers to customers with in-video email capture, CTAs, and cards.

    Help in a hurry.

    Get 24-hour web support on any business day, or check out our remote production services, training, and onboarding with Enterprise.

    Our first town hall on Vimeo was a pivotal moment that allowed us to reach more associates than we ever could through live, in-person events.

    Peter Strella
    Director, Communications and Creative Media Services, Rite Aid