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    Vimeo Create makes it easy to whip up sleek videos for any campaign. No time to do it yourself? Hire a pro  from our award-winning creative community.

    Centralize your video workflow.

    Get up to 7TB of video storage (or more with Enterprise), organize your team library, dial in your privacy settings, and customize the player to match your brand — all from one place.

    When we turned on e-commerce sales and advertising in 2013, the business quadrupled. Our top converting ads on social were 15-second lifestyle videos….They set us apart from the competition and were super simple and effective.

    Chris Cantino
    CMO, Supermaker

    Reach every viewer.

    Embed videos on your own site or GIFs of your videos in emails to increase engagement. Create a custom video showcase with powerful SEO tools, or seamlessly publish videos to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn as native posts. You can even monetize your video content with pay-per-view and subscription channel options.

    Convert them to customers.

    Capture leads right from the player with customizable contact forms. Then sync all the info you collect with top email marketing platforms. Add custom end screens and boost viewer interaction while you’re live with engagement tools like Q&A, pools, and audience chat.

    Stream branded,
    ad-free events.

    Webcast virtual events to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Periscope, or your own website all at once. Add lower-thirds, graphics, and interactive engagement tools like live Q&A. And when your event’s over, get the auto-archived video to use again anytime.

    Vimeo has helped us grow our business because it not only provides inspiration but it provides insight and helps us to develop our customer base to people who never would have found us anywhere else online.

    Lot 54 Goods

    Put data behind your decisions.

    With Vimeo’s advanced analytics, you can track your video’s performance on social media and anywhere else it’s embedded. Get really granular with engagement graphs that show you where viewers are captivated (and where they drop off).

    Vimeo works with your favorite tools.

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