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Confidently broadcast high-quality video to your viewers with a live streaming platform that gives you more control than ever.

High Quality

Deliver a superior viewing experience.Stream ad-free in HD, plus add branding and graphics straight from your browser.


Livestream with peace of mind. Control access with SSO and more. Monitor and backup streams for peace of mind.


Grab your viewers’ attention. Simulcast to social and apps or RTMP. Then use chat, polls, and moderated Q&A.

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What is live streaming?

Whether it's a company all-hands, a product launch, or an interactive class — live streaming allows you to connect with your viewers in real time. Simply go live, and broadcast with Vimeo in 1080p, high-definition quality on your website and social channels.

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High Quality

Deliver a superior viewing experience

Stream premium, ad-free live video

Ad-free, full HD, adaptive streaming ensures viewers have the best experience even if they have limited bandwidth.

Add branding and graphics

Customize your stream with your own logo and on-screen graphics. For advanced live streaming, use Livestream Studio to switch between feeds, mix audio, and more.

Stream from any device

Go live from mobile, desktop, or API. You can even launch multiple streams at once with the concurrent streams feature.


Livestream with peace of mind

Get reliable delivery at scale

Preview your stream, and ensure seamless delivery with backup streams. Overcome an unstable internet connection by adding a layer of protection and avoiding a choppy viewing experience - no interruptions, buffering, lag, or downtime - using our Fail-safe Streaming solution.

Stream privately

Set passwords, embed permissions, and use SSO to keep private streams secure.

Monitor your stream in real time

Our stream health monitoring feature allows you to get real-time feedback on the performance of your stream.


Grab your viewers’ attention

Stream to social and apps

Simulcast your live stream using RTMP, custom apps or social platforms like Facebook Live, LinkedIn, Twitch, and YouTube.

Interact with viewers

Learn about your audience ahead of time with customizable event registration forms. You can engage viewers throughout your live stream with moderated Q&A, polls, and audience chat. After your event, we’ll provide viewer-level analytics that help you measure engagement and convert leads. Use our low or even ultra-low latency setting for events that require real-time interaction to optimize audience engagement.

Add auto closed captions

Improve your accessibility with auto closed captions. You can also search by caption to find specific moments in archived streams.

Take live streaming to the next level.

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Our first town hall on Vimeo was a pivotal moment that allowed us to reach more associates than we ever could through live, in-person events.

Peter Strella,

Director of Communications & Creative Media Services

We launched a bi-weekly live show on Vimeo during the pandemic. We managed the whole process on the Vimeo platform, collaborating remotely with our team and agency, and going live multiple times a week, in several languages.

Alvin Mudun,

Senior Web Product Manager, Zendesk

We use Vimeo to conduct classroom instruction and theory directly into the auto shops we serve, so learners don’t have to travel to us for recertification. Last year, we served 8,000 to 9,000 people.

Steve Hamaday,

Virtual Training Manager, Axalta

With Vimeo Live classes, we can reach consumers anywhere. We already have subscribers across 5 different continents, and the numbers grow every day.

Felicia Alexander,

Co-founder, BoxUnion

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