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Live stream your virtual event online.

Get started today with live streaming, or contact us to get dedicated support, training, and advanced security for high-profile events.

Your virtual event, live online.

Live streaming your event is a safe and cost-effective way to bring value to your audience, while avoiding costly cancellations or delays. You may even find, as many advocates of live streaming have, that it can expand your reach and impact even further.

Live stream your full event schedule.

No matter the number of sessions, Vimeo can power your full event schedule virtually. All Vimeo live streams are automatically archived in 4K, so your attendees can continue learning even after the stream ends.

Professional graphics, made simple.

With built-in overlay tools like lower thirds, logos, and full-screen graphics, putting professional polish on your virtual event is easier than ever.

High quality online events.

With Vimeo’s adaptive streaming, every person in your audience gets the best viewing experience, on any device, from anywhere, even with limited bandwidth.

Across the the internet, in one click.

Simultaneously live stream your events via Facebook, LinkedIn, or RTMP, straight from Vimeo — on the web or through the Vimeo mobile app. 

Featured partners in virtual events

As we looked into [live streaming], we really focused on stream quality. We started using Vimeo because it's what we found to be the highest quality, clearest picture sort of stream that we could do.

Michael Mehlhorn

Multimedia Director


See how we can help live stream your event online.

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