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What started as a small community of filmmakers has grown into a network of millions around the world. People on Vimeo are interested in lots of different things, but what brings them together is a love for creating and watching extraordinary work. We can help you reach them in smart, respectful, high-impact ways.

Vimeo is around the world

From Australia to Zanzibar, the earth is covered in people who love Vimeo—millions of them visit us every month. And about 70% of our audience is international, so you can launch brand campaigns on a truly global scale.

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Fun with numbers

Vimeo is growing like a magical beanstalk. Check out the large numerals below!

  • 25
    MM Members
  • 715
    MM Video Views
  • 80%
    Year Over Year Global Growth

What can you do on Vimeo?

The Brand Creative Fund

The Creative Fund is an unparalleled way for our partners to tap into one of the world’s largest creative communities and enable filmmakers to take action on their ideas. You can reach millions of people and support work that people actually want to watch.
Everyone wins!

Vimeo Brand Channels + Distribution

Build a custom home for your brand and showcase your incredible content on Vimeo.

Content is cool and all, but it’s important to have a powerful place to show it off.  A Brand Channel on Vimeo is a customized home for your content that lives as a fully integrated part of the Vimeo community. You can showcase your content in a beautiful environment, encourage conversations around your brand, and even ask people to submit their own work around a brand initiative. 

Once your content is ready, we turn on the gigantic distribution machine that we keep in the office, which runs on a combination of media placements, PR, and social media to help you reach our massive (and massively engaged!) audience.

Our Partners

  • The Lincoln Motor Company
  • Coca-Cola
  • Chanel
  • Intel

  • Rolex
  • Whole Foods
  • Bacardi
  • Old Spice

  • G.E.
  • Canon
  • Tourism Malaysia
  • HTC
  • Nokia

Contact Us

If you want to be part of the story of Vimeo, we’re happy to chat.
Bring your ideas, and we’ll bring ours!

Write to inquiries@vimeo.com and we’ll set something up.