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Andrea Allen

Andrea has been uploading videos to Vimeo since 2006. Her favorite part of making vids is being on set. She has but two great loves, er, influences: Monty Python and the Kansas City Chiefs.


Vimeo Podcast, Ep. 9: The internet is watching DANIELS

15 Staff picks, runs at Sundance and SXSW, VMA fame "¦ the list goes on. Meet the acclaimed duo.

Creator Stories

Vimeo Podcast, Ep. 8: Brandon Li's nomadic filmmaking

Good travel videos enrapture us with gorgeous footage, but the best travel videos tell a story, one that captures the people, way of life, and sensory experiences of a location.

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Staff Picks

Vimeo Podcast, Ep. 7: OG Vimeans make a Vimeo Original

Salazar, creators behind the Vimeo Original 'Wizard Mode,' chime in on demo reels, crowdfunding techniques, and the world of docs.


Vimeo Podcast, Ep 6: How filmmakers survive in NYC

Three filmmakers from a This American Life series answer the tough questions about life, art, the Emmys, and meditation retreats.

Lighting & Sound

Light & Motion, Sony, Canon, + DJI: gear reviews from NAB

Lights, camera, drones! ...and lenses. And lots more. Even if you didn't make it to NAB, you can still see the gear we're psyched about.

Shooting & Gear

Sony Fs5, Fs7, and G Master lenses gear reviews

Spoiler alert: we have a crush on the Fs7 and use it at HQ.

Shooting & Gear

Canon COMPACT-SERVO zoom lens, ME200, and ME20 gear reviews

From parfocal lenses to niche nighttime shoots, we're showing you some standout features of Canon's latest camera gear.


Vimeo Podcast, Ep. 5: Andrew Thomas Huang's virtual living room

From the Vimeo player to Björk, MoMa, and beyond: here's how visionary creator Andrew Thomas Huang does it all.


Vimeo Podcast, Ep. 4: Sensual claymation dancing with New Media Ltd

Grab your earbuds and enter the world of festivals, submissions, and finding early success alongside a rising film collective.


Vimeo Podcast, Ep. 3: Saman Kesh phones home

From turning shorts into features, to 15 Staff Picks, to navigating work as if it"s a video game — Saman Kesh covers it all.


Vimeo Podcast, Ep. 2: Kirsten Lepore talks jubies and loveo

As Hank Williams, Jr. famously said, "It"s podcastin" time, y"all!" And he"s right! Here we are, back again for episode two.

Product News

Giving videos a voice: The all-new Vimeo Podcast

The best videos deserve to be talked about. And they are! And now, we're recording and sharing those conversations with the world.