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Basic color grading in Adobe Premiere Pro

This tutorial teaches you the basics of color grading. Learn how to turn your dull, raw files into hi-res masterpieces, right from Adobe Premiere Pro.


Designing in Illustrator for After Effects animation

Animating graphics? Follow these short, simple steps for working in Illustrator and transferring to After Effects and you'll have the look you want in no time.

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5 ways to get started with practical effects

This Video School tutorial highlights five iconic examples of practical effects. Learn how these on-camera tricks can elevate your next video project.

Live Streaming

The best ways to live stream your big event

Our producer shares some insight on getting your live event off the ground with minimal chaos and maximum success.

Lighting & Sound

Let it snow: Our guide to winter lighting

The days are shorter and colder, and that can mean great things for your video. 3 reasons to love your lighting during the winter months.

Creator Stories

How one filmmaker leverages 360 video for social justice

Shannon Carroll is on a mission to change the world through visual storytelling. Glean her advice and get inspired to create more.


Getting started with the Mettle SkyBox Suite

Dig into the endless possibilities of SkyBox with this helpful walkthrough, courtesy of our very own video producer, Niko Brown.