Shooting & Gear

Your intro to DSLR cameras

Thinking about getting a DSLR camera, or new to the idea of shooting with one? We're breaking down the basics of adding this type of camera to your gear.


Should I hire an all-in-one videographer or a traditional crew?

Learn the differences between small and large productions — and figure out which one is right for your next video project.

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How to turn your videos into GIFs — and why it's a great idea

GIFs are an excellent way to convey information quickly without having to link or embed a full video. Learn how to make one using Adobe Premiere in this Video School lesson.


Your guide to video project rates

Project rates, hourly rates, day rates — oh my! Today we're breaking down the different ways to scope out your next video project.


How to hire a film crew if you're a video newb

With the right approach, you can source and work alongside a talented team to create an amazing video. Here are 5 tips for collaborating with video pros.


Creating export presets in Adobe Premiere

Presets will significantly speed up your post-production workflow. This Video School lesson shows you how to do export those settings in Adobe Premiere.

Shooting & Gear

A definitive list of affordable drones

We compiled a definitive list of our favorite affordable drones. These deliver brilliant footage, at any skill level. 


5 questions to ask yourself when you're hiring a video pro

Multiple talented pros are bidding on your project? Asking these 5 questions will help you find your creative soulmate for your next video project.


How to cut your clip in Final Cut Pro X

If you want to remove footage from your clip in Final Cut Pro X, and you don’t want to adjust its duration, the Blade tool is handy, any way you slice it.


The difference between subtitles and captions

Captions and subtitles allow your videos to reach a wider, global audience. Here are the ins and outs of what makes them different, and equally useful.


How to stabilize your shot in Final Cut Pro X

If your handheld camera footage turns out shaky, you can still stabilize your shot in Final Cut Pro X. Here's how to do it.

Lighting & Sound

How to avoid (and eliminate) white noise in your video

Is white noise holding your video back? Adobe's DeNoise effect can help you achieve crisp audio greatness.

Shooting & Gear

The best iPhone gear for social media managers

Say hello to the five iPhone add-ons the Vimeo social media team recommends for getting the shot — and creating social content your followers will love.


Learn the art of pre-production (and why it matters)

Want a hassle-free production? Then you need a solid pre-production strategy. This post gives you the essentials.