How to make sequence presets in Adobe Premiere Pro

Sequence presets templatize your edits in Adobe Premiere Pro, saving you tons of time. Learn preset best practices, how to make your own in this lesson.


Basic masking in After Effects

Masking in After Effects is all about the details. Master this technique and it will bring oodles of character to your videos.

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Lighting & Sound

How to fine-tune your audio with Adobe's Parametric Equalizer

Audiophiles meet crisp, clear audio files. Adobe's Parametric Equalizer, polishes your vocals in no time, and this article breaks down how to use it.


How to animate type in After Effects

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to animate type in After Effects — a skill that will up the value of your video in no time.


What to include in your shot list

As a follow-up to our shot list building lesson, this glossary of essential shot list terms will set your production up for success.


Everything you need to build a great shot list

Our video team offers up shot list best practices (and our downloadable shot list template!) for building the perfect shooting schedule.


How to reverse a video clip in Final Cut Pro X

Reversing a clip in final cut pro is a great technique to simulate a rewind effect, or change the direction of a moving object. This Video School lesson show you how to do it.

Shooting & Gear

Frame rate vs. shutter speed, setting the record straight

People often make the mistake of equating frame rate with shutter speed. Here are the differences and why they matter.


How to create a freeze frame in Final Cut Pro X

Adding a freeze frame to your video in Final Cut Pro X is a quick and simple task. This Vimeo Video School tutorial shows you how to do it in just a few steps.


How to sync your audio in Final Cut Pro X

In just a few simple steps, this lesson shows you how to sync your audio to your video in Final Cut Pro X.


Basic color grading in Adobe Premiere Pro

This tutorial teaches you the basics of color grading. Learn how to turn your dull, raw files into hi-res masterpieces, right from Adobe Premiere Pro.


J-cuts and L-cuts, defined

You've probably seen J-Cuts and L-Cuts in some of your favorite videos. In this tutorial, we'll show you how (and when) to use them in your work.


5 tips for making the best summer vacation video

Going on a trip? Document your travels — and all those precious memories — with our summer vacation video tips, designed with your viewers in mind.

Lighting & Sound

An intro to Adobe Premiere Pro audio effects: Crossfades

Start mastering audio effects in Adobe Premiere Pro with this Video School lesson on Adobe's default audio transition: Crossfades.