Vimeo Video School

Want to nab commercial film work with your creative portfolio? Here’s how

Not sure how to land both commercial and creative video work? Here's actionable advice from a filmmaker who's been there.

Video Creation

The simplest guide (ever!) on how to add filters to your video

Here we go: the quick and dirty guide to adding filters to your next video.

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Video Creation

How to turn your videos into GIFs in Vimeo, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and more

GIFs are an excellent way to convey information quickly without having to link or embed a full video. Learn how to make one!

Video Creation

Here’s the skinny on why and how to resize videos

Resizing your video isn't too technical, but it does require some video savvy. Here's how.

Video Creation

Starting a vlog in 2022? Here are 10 YouTube ideas for new vloggers

Starting a vlog? Here’s your how-to-vlog crash course.

Lighting & Sound

Learning how to edit sound? Get to know these 5 popular audio editing software

Don't sleep on audio editing. Learn the pros and cons of these 5 sound editing software.

Video Creation

How to make a live wallpaper 101: Trendy video lockscreen ideas for your phone

Imagine if your lock screen was cooler. Meet live wallpapers, yet another TikTok trend taking the world by storm. 

Shooting & Gear

Here are 10 of the most common types of camera shots in film

From mid-shots to close-ups there are so many camera shots to choose from. These 10 will help you capture your subject and vary your scene compositions.

Shooting & Gear

The 180-degree rule, demystified

The 180 degree rule is something every filmmaker struggles with as a beginner. Let's break it down.

Vimeo Video School

7 expert tips for expanding your network and finding new clients

In the world of film and video production in particular, it can be tough to get started. Here are seven always-helpful tips to building your video biz.


Making a film? Here’s why you need a shot list (plus a free template!)

So you've written a script! Awesome! Now it's time to turn that script into a film. Here's how to create a shot list.


Your intro to video cuts: jump cuts, l-cuts vs. j-cuts and more

Get cozy with J-cuts and L-cuts, cutaways and cross cuts. We'll teach you how (and when) to incorporate them in your work.

Video Creation

(Video) How to compress a video on iPhone, Android, Windows, and more

We're demystifying video compression so you can apply its magic to your videos.

Lighting & Sound

Sound editing fundamentals: 18 common sound terms you need to know

Within this post lies the sweet sound of actually knowing what sound-related phrases mean, and how they may best serve your videos.