How to export your video from Final Cut Pro X

In this Vimeo Video School lesson, learn how to export your video file from Final Cut Pro X with a video and written tutorial.


Who does what on a film crew?

Don't know the difference between a Best Boy and a Key Grip? That's OK! We've assembled a glossary so you can assemble your crew.

Vimeo can help.*

*With your videos.

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5 ways to get started with practical effects

This Video School tutorial highlights five iconic examples of practical effects. Learn how these on-camera tricks can elevate your next video project.


15 essential color editing terms, defined

You've red about it before, but I see more color editing in your fuschia. Brush up on your color editing knowledge with our comprehensive glossary.

Shooting & Gear

The best digital cameras for capturing video

From state-of-the-art DSLRs to affordable camcorders, we're sharing the best digital cameras as tested by our in-house team.

Product News

6 surprising ways to use stock video

These ready-to-use clips can elevate the scope and production value of your videos for a fraction of the cost or effort.


Student filmmaking: Tips for telling stories on a budget

Being a student presents a lot of challenges, that’s why we’re offering you 50% off Vimeo. Read our budgeting tips, and get rolling.

Video School

How Vimeo can power live streaming holograms

We live streamed a 3D hologram in real time using Vimeo Live, and it was awesome.

Product News

Video privacy, explained

Some videos are meant for the world, while others you just want to share with coworkers, clients, or friends. Here are Vimeo’s privacy options at your disposal.


Stock video: A filmmaker’s secret weapon

Whether you’re shooting on a budget or setting your film on planet Jupiter, stock video can get you there.

Video for Business

How to collaborate with your production team

Our in-house producer shares some tips on how you can best set your creative team up for success, and achieve awesome results together.


Sherpas Cinema on shredding the review process

Sherpas Cinema won our award for best action film of 2017. Here’s how they collaborate seamlessly to execute high-stakes (and snow-filled) projects.


What to do before going live on camera

Ready for your live event? Here are four things to consider before stepping in front of the lens.


How to animate your logo for seasonal marketing

To everything there is a season, even for logos. Keep your brand fresh with our step-by-step guide to animating in After Effects.