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How to set up your Canon 7D

So you have a Canon 7D. Awesome! Now it's time to set that baby up with the correct settings. Here's how.


Getting started with Adobe After Effects

Want to get started with After Effects but don't know where to begin? In this lesson Nick Campbell will guide you through you some basics to help you create your very first project.

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Want to learn how to make a timelapse video? Look no further, we have several, made by some of the best video wizards on Vimeo. Check it out!

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Nighttime shooting with a DSLR

Shooting at night with your DSLR? This lesson will give you the tips for making your low light shots awesome.

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Time-lapse with a DSLR

Learn how to make a basic timelapse video with your DSLR.

Lighting & Sound

Recording sound for DSLRs

Recording high quality sound for your DSLR can be tricky business. Here are a few ways to help you record.

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Shooting video with a DSLR

Keys to understanding your camera settings and how to start shooting great video with your DSLR.

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DSLR Accessories

Accessories are important as you start shooting. Learn about what you definitely need and things that you'll want for awesome looking videos.

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DSLR lenses

If you're new to shooting with a DSLR, here are some things you'll need to know about lenses.

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Setting up your DSLR

This lesson covers a few simple changes you can make to your camera settings in order to get the best looking footage for your DSLR!

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Introduction to DSLR cameras

New to shooting with a DSLR? Maybe you're thinking about getting one? We'll teach you the differences between DSLR cameras and help you decide which one's best for you!


Video 101: Editing basics

Average Joe is back at his apartment with a camera full of video clips that he shot. Now it's time to edit it all together, but where to begin? Suddenly Steve shows up with very strong ideas about edi

Shooting & Gear

Video 101: Shooting basics

Average Joe is at the park with his buddies shooting video with his new camera. Its a lot of fun, but a little confusing. Maybe Dan can help him out, whether Joe likes it or not.

Shooting & Gear

Video 101: Choosing a camera

Average Joe wants to get started making videos, but he isn't sure where to begin with picking out a camera. We're here to help!