5 tips for making the best summer vacation video

Going on a trip? Document your travels — and all those precious memories — with our summer vacation video tips, designed with your viewers in mind.


Storyboarding 101

Storyboarding your film will keep you and your crew focused on set. And with our beginner-friendly guide, you can get you started in no time.

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Who does what on a film crew?

Don't know the difference between a Best Boy and a Key Grip? That's OK! We've assembled a glossary so you can assemble your crew.


Student filmmaking: Tips for telling stories on a budget

Being a student presents a lot of challenges, that’s why we’re offering you 50% off Vimeo. Read our budgeting tips, and get rolling.


What to do before going live on camera

Ready for your live event? Here are four things to consider before stepping in front of the lens.

Live Streaming

Live 101: Things to check before going live

Master the checklist, nail the big event. Our guide to prepping before going live.

Live Streaming

Terms you need to know to create live video

From bitrates to uplinks, and everything in between. Cruise these key terms to get you live streaming in no time.


3 film genres perfectly suited for 360 video

Creators are leveraging these genres in insanely awesome ways, playing on the inherent strengths built into 360 video.


Turn the camera around: 4 steps to telling your own story

Our pals at Zacuto want to hear your creative journey for a new competition. But telling your own story can be tough. Here's how.


Terms you need to know to create 360 video

From monoscopic source types, to field of view, to equirectangular projection "¦ there's a lot! Our 360 glossary is here to help.


All about contracts: Best practices for filmmakers

Contracts are not only great for when things go wrong, but they can help prevent things going awry from the get-go.


The terms you need to know when making a business video

With this glossary, you"ll be well-prepared to create an engaging video and measure all the right things.


Make your videos pop with color correction perfection

Discover the vibrant world of color correction, learn how it use it, and boost the production value of your films.


5 key tips to help you jump in and start making videos

Fantasize about entering into the world of filmmaking? These five essentials will help bring your dreams into reality.