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A better Vimeo for your mobile browser

Ryan Casey
December 2, 2014 by Ryan Casey Alum
It’s not quite gift-giving time yet, but we simply can’t wait any longer. So here, have a new [Vimeo mobile site](! It’s smarter, speedier, and really brings out your eyes. ![](// If you’ve ever visited Vimeo on your phone, you’ve probably noticed it’s a bit different from the desktop version. Less screen space tends to mean fewer features and more creative uses of drawers and basements. [The old mobile version of our site](, though, tried to do a bit too much — it bit off more cookies than it could cache. That’s why we’re busting out an all-new mobile version of It knows it can’t do it all, but what it does do, it does well. With so many humans visiting Vimeo on their phones, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to watch and share videos, no matter where you may be. To do so, we redesigned the mobile site from top nav to footer to bring you beautiful full-screen videos and fewer distractions. We also tweaked roughly a bajllion things under the hood to make it freakishly fast and 4G-friendly on multiple devices. So while our new mobile site may still be small in stature, its heart has grown three sizes! ![](// A fresh feature we’re especially hyped on: you can now like videos and save them to Watch Later, even if you’ve forgotten to log in. And once you watch a video, you’ll be immersed in easy ways to share it and get recommendations for other videos to amuse your eyeballs. The brand-new site you see on your phone is merely the first of many Vimeo mobile advancements — more features are on the way, including integration with our native apps. Until then, we hope you dig the new mobile Vimeo so much, you take it with you wherever you go this holiday season. Merry mobile viewing to all, and to all a good WiFi connection!


Rui Pinto

Stop insulting people kid.

l al

Nice. Thank you. While you're on it, why don't you give some love to the Android App. It's kind of messy and, god I can't believe I'm gonna say that, I prefer the Windows Phone version.

Super Johnny Adventurepants PRO

Save your worries. Vimeo will not only ignore your requests for an android friendly app, they will also ignore any messages about it. For an amazing website with great staff and a great community it's their only failing.


Excuse me if I say stupid thoings, but what is the use of an Android app, of an Windows phone version, or even of an iOS app, as long as there is now a wonderful version for mobile browser ? :-) (Sorry for muy poor English, I am just a French guy...)

Paige Anderson Plus

Super Johnny: I can't help but chuckle at your post. I have been using Apple products since 1984...a very long time. I cannot even count the number of times that I felt that the computer industry was ignoring anything Apple or Mac. Everything was developed for the PC and we were largely left out in the cold. Now that Apple has become as successful as it has, we hear from the "other side" how ignored they are. -MacPaige

Ken Simpson | Director Plus

I'm sorry, I maybe completely missing something here but why have the mobile vimeo browsers and mobile vimeo apps always forgone providing easily accessible data/stats for my own videos? I can't be the only one who finds this information useful. As a paying plus member, the stats and related data are valuable to me and It's a real pain having to switch to the "desktop site" (now buried two pages deep underneath the terms of service/privacy policy/copyright & cookies tabs) every single time I open vimeo on my phone. Again, if I'm somehow just not seeing the "daily / weekly stats" option for the mobile Vimeo browser / app I apologize, but it would seem to me it's a no brainer to make this information intuitive and readily available on the go.

Seriously though, I'd really appreciate a response to the reasoning behind excluding that functionality!


Tommy Penner Staff

Hey guys! We hear you loud and clear, and we also think stats on mobile is a very important thing to have available. I can't comment on anything concrete right now, but incorporating stats into our apps or the mobile site is definitely something we're investigating. We're listening :)

Chris Seibold

Vimeo doesn't even work properly on my network, On fibre in Aus and I constantly see 'Sorry, there was an issue with playback'. Happens on all 5 computers and the system at work. Fix your cdn delivery issues or whatever it is first!

Paul Loehr Plus

So does this make the videos play completely thru, that is the problem I am having with viewing up loaded videos on Vimeo. And in addition, how is one to get this new item, doesn't. Give no download. Or anything would be great to watch complete. Video without hitting the play button every second or so

fahmy hattay

what will be possible on windows phone?

Sam Jones

im on an old version of the app (old iphone on ios 6) and shit me, my 'follows' arent there. and when viewing a video i cant start following the user or even go to the users profile page.............

Ken Simpson | Director Plus

Hey Alex!

Just curious if you might be able to pass on my post to someone who might be able to answer my questions in this thread!! Much appreciated!


Jojo Xoche

Please, Please, make this design to the iOS app; and if possible delete the bug that makes crash the app every time you try to play a video as an unless.

Sven Frank Plus

Very nice design of the new mobile site. But as mentioned so often, when do you guys release a new android app. That would be so great :) Think it's time now, because when I return to some news on the blog every second post is about a "missing" android app...

But nice work for the mobile site!

Tommy Penner Staff

Thanks Sven! Nothing concrete to announce about an Android app at the moment, but we're aware of the pent-up demand there is for a new one.


How can we see the full site on mobile? It's much easier to use.

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