At Vimeo, we’ve always delighted in highlighting the amazing things our community creates. In 2008, we started sharing the best of the best videos being uploaded via Staff Picks, and back in the day, we celebrated general video awesomeness with the Vimeo Festival and Awards (which you may know as the VFAs). And today, we’re expanding our efforts to showcase our community through yet another medium: meet Zineo, the Vimeo Zine.

Now that anyone can upload and stream 4K videos on Vimeo, it seemed only fitting to expand our technological efforts to something equally as eye-popping.

Zineo (pronounced ‘zine – e – oh’) is packed full of features and feels, which we developed after months of careful user testing, surveys, seances, and meditations.

It comes in three jewel tones — soft gooseberry, warm kikkoman, and quentin tarantino — and features 10+ full black-and-white inkjet-printed pages customized with the latest in graphic 3D FX — glitter, stick-on gems, and more.

Zineo arrives fully optimized for adaptive reading. Each copy caters specifically to its reader’s page-turning speed and attention bandwidth at any given moment. We’ve even added offline support so you can experience Zineo in your favorite train, plane, or automobile.

Literature is the question minus the answer.’ – Barthesï

Speaking of commutes, every copy of the zine is handmade with love in Brooklyn. Our office is actually in Chelsea, but we take the L train to Brooklyn especially for this purpose. #authenticity

You can tell real humans touched this thing, because at least one page in every copy comes with a locally sourced fair-trade coffee stain. It’s completely bespoke.

Everyone at Vimeo HQ got involved and seized the opportunity to explore their deepest, darkest passions.

It feels good to get back to our creative roots, and to follow in the tradition of our art-loving DIY fathers — Zach, Jake: this one’s for you.

In fact, Jake said it best in a July 2007 blog post: ‘We have an elite pack of passionate professionals who are going to tear into our development pipeline like wolves into flesh […] You’re sitting right up front; prepare for a lot of blood.’

Dying to subscribe to Zineo? Send us a postcard at:

Vimeo PO Box 1214 New York, NY 10113

Make sure you include all these details on the back:

  1. Your return address
  2. Your email address
  3. Your Vimeo profile URL

If you’re one of the first 500 people, we’ll ship you a copy of the all-new, all-angst-ridden, ultra-limited edition Zineo just as soon as it’s released (everyone else will still get to peruse the unlimited digital edition on their Zune). We may even include a cool sticker or two.

Heads up: we lovingly created Zineo especially for Vimeo community members. You must have a Vimeo account with at least one video uploaded to it as of March 31, 2016 to qualify. Oh, and make sure you send your postcard by June 31, 2016.

Love and art and all that is good, Vimeo

P.S. It also comes with all these things:

  • Instant Soylent — just rip out page #24, soak it in water for two hours, give it a quick stir with a tea tree toothpick, and it’s ready for immediate consumption!
  • Because we value the security and privacy of our audience, Zineo will spontaneously combust if left within 10 feet of an NSA officer
  • Full compatibility with BOTH generations of the Apple Watch
  • A xerox of JTT’s 3D-printed face from the I’ll Be Home for Christmas cover of Tiger Beat (NOT the Home Improvement one!)
  • Pre-installed with LIVE SCREAMING support! Roll up at a 30-degree angle for optimal results.
  • Crystals
  • A 100% guarantee that Martin Shkreli never receives a copy
  • A fun quiz: Are you a Sox or an Andrea?
  • UI optimization for goth-uniform pairing and accessorization
  • Mail-in form pre-addressed to the Electoral College Summer Clubhouse for your third-party presidential candidacy
  • The new season of Twin Peaks is actually just Zineo