Do you know what your subscribers really want?

If you’re running a subscription video on demand (SVOD) network, the goal is clear: make great content, get loyal customers, rinse and repeat. 

But delivering on that goal is often easier said than done. Before you can improve video performance and attract new subscribers, you’ll need to identify your customers’ video preferences. 

With a reliable OTT platform, marketers have the power to make strategic decisions about content that improve video performance. The key ingredient? Data.

Here are six ways to improve your video performance.

1. Analyze your video performance.

The first step to improving video performance is capitalizing on your current successes by identifying top-performing videos.

Analyzing the data behind these videos will illuminate how subscribers interact with them — and in turn, help you improve video performance.

But even though data is the key to improving performance, it can be challenging to identify what to look for with hundreds of video analytics tools available.

With the right OTT platform, essential video analytics and top-performing videos are typically available at a glance. Vimeo’s OTT platform provides creators with many critical metrics to maximize video performance. Some of these metrics include:

  • Number of video plays 
  • Number of video finishes (when a viewer watches at least 90% of the way through)
  • Total number of minutes watched per video

Whether you’re looking at video performance during a specific period or searching for trends over time, nuanced filters enable creators to identify crucial data points ranging from viewership spikes to free-trial conversions – metrics associated with high engagement.  

2. Offer pay-per-view videos.

Are some of your videos particularly popular? Consider selling them for download as a transactional purchase.

Transactional video on demand (TVOD) is a popular method of acquiring new customers. By making your most popular videos available for rent or sell to non-subscribers, you can generate more revenue and grow your audience.

To make prospects more likely to buy standalone video content, experiment with different sales tactics:

  • Scarcity: Whether it’s a single title or a collection of videos, limit your offer to a specific period.
  • Pay-what-you-want: Many customers appreciate the chance to support creators and will often pay more than the minimum.
  • A combination of both: Some Vimeo OTT customers run temporary pay-what-you-want promotions around an event or holiday.

Beyond increasing traffic and sales, this approach to improving video performance also provides a way to nurture a segment of prospects into becoming subscribers.

3. Fuel your email newsletter.

An email newsletter is a powerful tool to promote and distribute video content.

While we don’t recommend embedding video in an email, using a combination of static screenshots and GIFs from your videos can spike enough interest to earn more clicks.

For non-subscribers, email newsletters should include popular content that helps inch them closer to becoming customers. For existing subscribers, the goal is to drive engagement with content that meets their information or entertainment needs (you can also try offering up some premium content).

How else can we improve video performance?

If your OTT platform integrates with Google Analytics, you can pair video performance data with trackable links to see which outreach tactics generate the most conversions — an insight that can supercharge future promotional strategies.

4. Highlight top content on social media.

Standing out on social media is a challenge for many brands, but those that specialize in video content have a competitive advantage.

To highlight new content (or your most popular work), try splicing videos into short, snackable formats that live natively on your social media accounts.

Dekkoo, a movie streaming service, does a great job of pairing short descriptions with trailers to hook fans and attract potential viewers. They also include a direct link to each film in every post.

That’s just one possibility. With a social media strategy in place, improving your video performance may call on several tactics.

How to get more hits on Vimeo

  • Consider which videos have the greatest sharability.
  • Pair visually interesting thumbnails with concise, attention-grabbing titles.
  • Write unique post copy for each social media network.

5. Turn your top videos into ads.

A successful video ad relies heavily on brevity. With the average consumer attention span estimated at just eight seconds, there’s not much time to capture attention.

This raises the stakes for creators looking to turn video content into video ads: If you miss the mark, you’ll waste ad dollars. But when you get it right, video ads can expand your reach and, in turn, generate more subscribers.

How to improve video performance with ads?

  • Use lookalike targeting to find people who are similar to your existing customers on social media.
  • Consider pointing ads to unique landing pages for top-performing assets instead of sending visitors to your homepage.
  • Pay attention to cost per acquisition (CPA) costs to determine whether your ads and targeting are effective.

6. Optimize video performance for SEO.

Effective video marketing includes search engine optimization. While it’s often hard for smaller brands to get their blogs to rank for certain keywords, there’s less competition (and more opportunity) to rank higher with video.

How to improve video performance with SEO?

When done right, SEO helps video content get found. Here are three optimization tips to get started:

  • Index your site: Help web crawlers find your videos by submitting a sitemap. If you’re using an OTT platform, this will likely happen automatically.
  • Optimize video titles: A good SEO video title is clear, descriptive, and includes your target keyword(s).
  • Include a description: A meta description presents another opportunity to signal what your video is about to search engines.

How Vimeo OTT helps you track video performance

Vimeo OTT empowers marketers and creators to put their data to work. From subscriber and trial growth to key business metrics and usage trends, our OTT platform boasts a robust reporting dashboard that can help you uncover what’s working—and what isn’t—for your audience.

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