Ah, NAB. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is the world’s leading media technology tradeshow, and it only comes around once a year. Every April, broadcast and media professionals descend upon Las Vegas, showcasing their newest products for the video industry. That means us, and this year we’re showing up extra robust. We have our Livestream and Mevo fam joining us in the booth, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

If you’ll be in Vegas, come say hi at the Vimeo booth, #C3307. Meet with our people, catch some incredible creator talks, film screenings, and demos of our latest products and features.

If you won’t be in town, no need to worry. We’ll be live streaming all the fun and you can stream it all right here! Watch below as Vimeo CEO, Anjali Sud, and GM of Live, Mark Kornfilt, unveil our newest releases live from the showroom floor.

Here’s all things new and exciting at this year’s NAB:

Vimeo for macOS
While most of the world enjoys your videos in their final, beautiful form, you know that it takes a ton of work in programs like Final Cut Pro X to get them there. And when you’re working, you’re in the zone. There’s no time to interrupt your workflow by switching back and forth between programs. You don’t want that distraction of checking on your browser, and fighting the temptation of the woeful world wide web. You need to be focused like a microscope.

Enter our all-new (totally free!) app. Vimeo for macOS brings some of our core functionality to your desktop, giving you more control over the post-production process — especially if you’re working in Final Cut Pro. Now you can export in ProRes and advanced codecs, upload your polished drafts directly to Vimeo, play your videos directly in the app, and so much more. Download it here.

Build an over-the-top (OTT) subscription streaming app for live and on-demand video
With the power of our over-the-top streaming custom apps, you can build a Netflix-style OTT app for your on-demand video content in no time at all, and monetize that content with a subscription service. And now you can also add live content to your OTT apps. This is great news for fitness, sports, media, and any content creators looking to engage their audiences with live as well as on-demand, all within a dedicated home of their app or website.

More and more, audiences are gravitating towards rich, immersive video experiences that they can enjoy on any device. Hundreds of video creators are scaling faster and reaching more viewers by building subscription on-demand experiences on Vimeo OTT apps. Distribute and monetize your videos your way, while we handle the tech so you can focus on amazing video content.

Vimeo OTT includes friendly viewer and end-user support from actual humans, in-app payments to set your own price with built-in free trial tools, audience acquisition and engagement tools help you track subscriber growth, and meticulously-designed SDKs and API developer tools to customize your experience.

Studio 5: now available for beta in Windows and Mac*
Livestream Studio is a live-editing and encoding software that allows you to transform your computer into a professional live production control room. Use Studio during your live broadcast to input multiple feeds, add graphics, master audio, and stream in one robust, easy-to-use package.

Vimeo customers can now log directly into Studio 5 software, and enable streaming to multiple platforms in the cloud with Vimeo Premium, in addition to the existing ability to stream to multiple RTMP-enabled social destinations. Our newest hardware encoding and decoding features in Studio 5 enable you to produce high-quality, multi-camera live video using consumer-grade computers, including the iMac and MacBook Pro.

Studio 5 also includes “Simple Mode,” a new user experience for those new to streaming or with simplified workflows.

eCDN for Corporate Communications Streaming
Many global brands rely on live streaming to communicate a unified message to employees wherever they are. But the biggest concern about live streaming company-wide to thousands of people is how this will impact their server and network health. To solve this, our pals over at Livestream now offer an eCDN (enterprise content delivery network) for all enterprise customers with large, global employee bases. This new feature will allow them to stream company announcements and events using peer-to-peer networking technology, that won’t stress their internal servers and networks. It also improves content delivery speed, reducing buffer time.

Livestream’s eCDN solution is by far one of the most affordable for large corporations, and also is completely turnkey, requiring no additional hardware or software downloads.

Meet our brand new hardware: Studio One
Looking to take your streaming tool kit to the next level? Studio One is our newest encoder with a compact desktop size (an 11-inch Mini-ITX box) that doesn’t skimp on horsepower. Stream up to 4K resolution, from two 4K inputs, or four HD inputs (HDMI or SDI). Studio One also features two quarter inch analog audio inputs, an Intel eighth generation 6-core CPU, a high performance graphics card, and advanced hardware encoding. This new hardware packs a lot of punch in a small package.

Live from NAB
Looking for more details about Vimeo’s latest and greatest releases? We’ll be doing live demos of all of our new offerings on Tuesday, April 10 at 3pm EST / noon PST.

We’re also interviewing creators from like Nikon, IDC Sports, and the NFL Jaguars every day from our NAB booth.

Itching to get even more info on our latest products and features? Check out what our Livestream fam released for NAB 2018.

*For now, Studio 5 for Mac is only for subscription users and does not include multiview, Surface support, or tally lights, and can only be used with an AVI transcoder.