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Let there be lights: how to perfect your office lighting

Jamie McAleney
December 12, 2016 by Jamie McAleney Support

When scouting a location for your latest project, it’s important to take note of the light you have available to you in each space. And one of the most common locations filmmakers and brands need to capture is the workplace. 

Whether your scene is set at a character’s day job or you’re shooting a promotional video for a business, shooting in an office is often a key environment for videos of all types — but you’ll find that overhead fluorescent lighting isn’t always the most flattering on camera. That’s why we made this lesson for you! Take a look at our tips for quick fixes and budgets of all types to help you work with what you’ve got.

We hope these tips give you confidence to tackle an upcoming 9–5 scene! Have additional insights to share about your office lighting experience? Share them with us in the comments.


Aaron Ross

fast and effective thank you vevo school

João Gouveia Plus

Thank you for the best tips in the 3 point lighting lesson :)

You are the best and I wish you the BEST.

Rehab PRO

Hi Jamie, do you have any suggestions of where to get good, but cheap, lights to use in videos like these? Regards, Martin

Jamie McAleney Premium

We use Arri equipment which tends to run on the pricier side, but there are great LED panel lights you can find on Amazon that won't break the bank!

Erin McGoff PRO

What kind of camera did you use for this video? Did you do any color correction? Great video!


Alles in englisch, möchte Trailer auch indeutscher Sprache 🤔

jacqueline STEED

hi I love vimeo and I thinck it is really great fun I hope to here from you soon with some more great fun thinges to do to gather ok from jac steed

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