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Share the Screen: our pledge to support female filmmakers

Andrea Allen
January 21, 2016 by Andrea Allen PRO

Vimeo’s mission is to empower creators to make, share, and sell amazing videos directly to viewers. We’re constantly asking ourselves what more we can do to help our insanely creative community bring their amazing work to the world.

As such, we’re proud to announce Share the Screen, a new initiative we hope will help close the gender gap that is so pervasive in the entertainment industry. We intend to foster equality by investing in female-led programming, educational workshops, meetups, interviews, and more that spotlight and support female voices in the Vimeo community.

Gender inequality in filmmaking isn’t simply a woman’s problem: it’s everyone’s problem. When diverse voices are given equal consideration and weight, more informed artistic decisions are made, better stories are told — and it’s also the right thing to do as human beings.

Vimeo has been passionate about highlighting and endorsing female filmmakers for a long time in lots of unofficial ways. Aidy Bryant, the hilarious breakout star of SNL, is releasing her short film Darby Forever via Vimeo On Demand (available today for pre-order!), and we’re beyond thrilled to include talented female-led projects such as this one as part of this year’s Vimeo Originals programming.

Or take, for example, our community coordinator Meghan Oretsky, who curates the channel Ladies with Lenses. “I felt Ladies With Lenses would be a great opportunity to highlight inspiring films made by women, ones that aren’t necessarily being featured by major media outlets or festivals. LWL is my way of saying ‘This is amazing! Please keep going and please continue to share your art with us.’”

What happens within Vimeo HQ is as important as supporting the community of creators beyond it, too. We’ve joined forces with Geekettes, a community that’s all about supporting female tech innovators, to host a meetup on data and design. Members of the Vimeo family have also made it a point to get involved: our application engineer Mackenzie Clark, for example, is one of several teammates who’ve participated in Girls Who Code. As Mackenzie puts it, “The tech industry has a huge gender gap, but an important part of fixing that is providing relatable female role models. As a mentor, I think it’s important to be honest with them about the challenges women in tech face, but also show them how the industry is improving and will continue to improve as more women — hopefully including them — enter the field.”

Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing Share the Screen updates right here on this very blog. Starting tomorrow, in fact, we’ll be highlighting filmmaker Penny Lane, who’s documentary NUTS! is premiering at Sundance. If you’re interested in getting involved or following the action, add a #ShareTheScreen tag in your social media posts — we’d love to support some of your great female-led shots on Instagram, so use both #ShareTheScreen and #behindthevid so we can find you. Here’s to supporting the amazing work of *all* creators this year.

Cheers to equality, y’all!


Thanks so much for your interest and enthusiasm around Share the Screen. We’re excited to hear from you! While the announcement of this initiative was not intended as an open call for submissions, we have a lot of amazing Share the Screen workshops, meetups, and programming planned for this year that we’d love for you to be a part of. 

We will be sharing more about Share the Screen in the coming weeks on our blog. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas on what you’d like to see from us in the future. Thanks for using Vimeo! 


Gail Mooney Plus

Thank you! This is a win for everyone - filmmakers and viewers. I have been shooting a series of mini-films about women who work in traditionally male dominated professions. I host them on Vimeo. Like A Woman series Love you guys.

Alex Dao Staff

Right on! I'm going to check out your channel now, Gail. :)

Lunchbox Communications PRO

Nice work Gail! Let's be in touch. We are doing something similar for women internationally in justice, science and adventure. Hope you are a part of our Women CD, Directors and DP group.

Gail Mooney Plus

Alex Dao - Thanks - two are password protected (they are still roughs) but will be available soon.

Dana Rosendorff PRO

This initiative is amazing and I don't want to take away from the pure intention behind it- but how does it really help 'emerging' filmmakers when the first video promoted is a member from 'Saturday Night Live'?? These kind of platforms should be used for the women who don't have access to the proper channels. Granted, many women in hollywood who are working, still don't have access to the proper channels, but then how much harder do you think it becomes for the rest of us? And highlighting filmmakers who are already premiering at Sundance probably don't need the support of this platform. Seems like another Zach Braff, Kickstarter situation to me.

Andrea Allen PRO

Hi Dana,

I hear what you’re saying. The climate is certainly difficult for everyone, including Aidy Bryant. Our hope is that through this initiative which also includes Vimeo-hosted panels, workshops, and meetups that we will support filmmakers of every level and lead them on a less-difficult road to success. We’re looking to promote strong female voices to help pave the way for emerging filmmakers. We’ll be investing in female-led projects over the next year, and some of those will absolutely be from creators who haven’t had as much exposure as they deserve. We don’t want to rule any female creator out simply because they are or are not yet well known. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback!

Dana Rosendorff PRO

Well that is a relief to hear and am sure a lot of other unknown female filmmakers out there will appreciate that response also. I look forward to seeing how it unfolds over the next year. It really would be huge to have a platform such as Vimeo legitimately rooting for the underdog.

Lunchbox Communications PRO

Fantastic news! And do not forget to check out The Directors List for new talent... plus we just posted on our super secret FB group of 1400 Women CDs, Directors and DPs. Please let us know -- other than agents and stalking at Realscreen –– how the experienced and underserved populations of female developers and directors can have the opportunity to pitch. Best regards, Dafna Yachin, CCO Lunchbox Dox

Andrea Allen PRO

Hi Debra
We're updating the blog post to make it clear we're not calling for open submissions at this time but we have a lot of amazing Share The Screen workshops, meetups, and programming planned for this year that we’d love for you to be a part of.
We will be sharing more about Share The Screen in the coming weeks on the Vimeo blog. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas on what you’d like to see from us in the future. Thanks for using Vimeo!

Roe Moore

Yay!!! How will we find out more (to submit for consideration, workshops, etc)?

Andrea Allen PRO

Hi Roe,
I'd love to hear more about your ideas for workshops. Message me through my profile here on Vimeo!

Michele Remsen PRO

Awesome!! I'm going to Sundance with a feature project in pre-production - saw Wired article - would love to meet with Staffers to discuss? I have three shorts on Vimeo, including JUKE and more info: #vimeorocks!

Sophia Kiapos Plus

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Women in Film movement is ALIVE and HAPPENING! So ready for this next journey for female filmmakers!

The Paradise Collective

A very bold and necessary step in the right direction. Vimeo is setting a very good example for the rest of the production community. Any chance you could provide indication of which team members will be taking meetings at Sundance the next few days? We too have several female helmed projects in varying stages of development and production.

Stephen J Branagan Plus

How does one submit to be considered? I wrote, produced and starred in a musical comedy short called "Break: The Musical" that serves as a sizzle reel for a musical web series in the style of Crazy Ex Girlfriend with the heart of Glee. We have mapped out the first season with our incredible producers and have a terrific pitch. Would love to submit to be considered for this amazing initiative!

Andrea Allen PRO

Hi Mary,
We're updating the blog post to make it clear we're not calling for open submissions at this time but we have a lot of amazing Share The Screen workshops, meetups, and programming planned for this year that we’d love for you to be a part of.
We will be sharing more about Share The Screen in the coming weeks on the Vimeo blog. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas on what you’d like to see from us in the future. Thanks for using Vimeo!

Stephen J Branagan Plus

Got it - I look forward to those events then!

I guess my biggest question is how to get our foot in the door and get our work noticed then, since the digital space is so inundated with content and there are lots of great female filmmakers out there! Hopefully Share The Screen and its events will shed some light on that, thank you!


Well done Vimeo! By far the best way to help the situation is to fund some of the talented women out there struggling to get their work made and of course noticed. Please could you tell us how we can go about being considered. Is there a formal submission process? I for one have shot everything from short films to commercials, my music videos have won multiple awards and I have a handful of scripts stashed away begging to see the light of day.

May Yam

Fantastic Program, Vimeo!! I like to empower women in my films! Female protagonist and scientist in my short "Love Bottled Up" and empowered female protagonist in "Popped"

Emily Sheskin Plus

This is awesome! I hope you guys consider featuring more female filmmakers or emerging female filmmakers on the blog and in curation too :)

Trenton Waterson PRO

This is fantastic, and exactly the kind of opportunity that our female writers/directors have been looking for! Very keen on finding out how to apply. Will scope and search the inter webs until we figure it out!

Shequeta Smith

Well both of my projects on here are female and unique and have plenty of views so hopefully you guys will check them out. My trailer "The Gestapo vs. Granny" made Top 20 in Project Greenlight. Headed to Sundance in a few hours so I will definitely be looking for you guys this weekend. :-)

Becky Haynie

I would like to know how to apply or to be considered for this opportunity. I am currently working up at Sundance at The Studio Lounge being held at Park City Film Studios. I've got a feature film that I wrote and will be presenting to be read tomorrow morning at 10am. If your representatives happen to make it or I could arrange a meeting with one of them I would love to make that happen!

Mai Jai Films

This is awesome Andrea. I hope you will promote diverse filmmakers from all around the world.

KILLING THE apologetic GIRL Plus

Yes, this is such a great opportunity to have work showcased. My project KILLING THE apologetic GIRL was written, shot, produced by rockin' female talent and look forward to shooting more and posting them on the big V! What a blast. KILLING THE apologetic GIRL


Great initiative! how do we submit a project to get potentially funded?

Andrea Allen PRO

We're updating the blog post to make it clear we're not calling for open submissions at this time but we have a lot of amazing Share The Screen workshops, meetups, and programming planned for this year that we’d love for you to be a part of.

We will be sharing more about Share The Screen in the coming weeks on the Vimeo blog. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas on what you’d like to see from us in the future. Thanks for using Vimeo!


Thank you Andrea for the info! Looking forward to hear more.

Maria Stanisheva

This is great news! I am working on a feature doc film on Cuba. Is there a way to submit the project for the attention of your new program? Thanks!

Lauren Plus

Great initiative. I love this line above - "“The tech industry has a huge gender gap, but an important part of fixing that is providing relatable female role models. As a mentor, I think it’s important to be honest with them about the challenges women in tech face, but also show them how the industry is improving and will continue to improve as more women — hopefully including them — enter the field.” As Oracle's only Multimedia Architect (pretty sure on that one), with about 17 years total with the company, I not only understand the viewpoint, but I am also a filmmaker in the company and trying to make different corporate pieces than you normally see. I try as much as I can to get technical women into my pieces, but it is exceptionally hard to do. There are a ton of other aspects relating to women/tech/multimedia, and my pet peeve, is that I rarely see the manufacturers seeking out women for their tests,reviews and workshops. So great initiative here, best of luck. Look me up here, or on LinkedIn. ;) Somehow I'd like to get involved.

Denise Bradley

This is awesome! How exactly does this work and how can one be considered for the program? Will your program be for new female Directors or are you only interested in female Directors/Filmmakers that are already in the business? I am a new female Director who has several scripts I'm trying to get funding for and would certainly like to be considered for this.

Andrea Allen PRO

Hi Denise,
I've replied to a few others in this thread with similar questions so please excuse the seemingly copy and pasted answer -- but I did want to get back to you with an answer!

While the announcement of this initiative was not intended as an open call for submissions, we have a lot of amazing Share The Screen workshops, meetups, and programming planned for this year that we’d love for you to be a part of.

We will be sharing more about Share The Screen in the coming weeks on our blog. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas on what you’d like to see from us in the future. Thanks for using Vimeo!

Denise Bradley

Hello Andrea; I apologize for the repeat and appreciate your response. This sounds really exciting and am glad to see Vimeo moving in the direction of gender equality in Hollywood. I am sure that you are going to be bombarded with many females that have been working hard to make it in the industry. The only idea and feedback I can give as a new filmmaker is to make sure that it really is available to everyone, regardless of success. Beginning and veteran filmmakers should have equal opportunity to at least submit their films and scripts and be considered. I will keep an eye out for your future blogs in hopes to one day be able to submit my ideas to be considered. Thank you Andrea and Vimeo!

KatherineBrooks Plus

I hope companies like VIMEO will truly CREATE a platform for more women in film and not use the "hot topic" of gender discrimination to get buzz. As a female director in the male dominated DGA, most of us gals were pretty shocked when the release of box office numbers for the past two years revealed 98% of releases over 10 million were directed by men. 98%! Shocking. Also curious why the launch of this is not an open call? So many times I see these press releases pushing for more women to have our stories/voices heard, until all the publicity/hype leads to the small print that states: not accepting submissions.

It would be great to have an open call for Share the Screen. Vimeo is all about putting your VIDEO out there - let us female filmmakers send a 2 minute sample of our "voice" - then make some choices and give us a chance. Heck, you could even make a reality show out of it.

Regardless, I'm a huge fan of Vimeo and have my fingers crossed they will make a difference!

Zhana Londoner

Hi Andrea,
I am the director and moderator of the Filmmaker Summit at the Berkshire International Film Festival where I've now sat on the advisory board for 10 years. The Summit is a 3 day long industry intensive we offer to our filmmakers that includes panel discussions, tech presentations, and awesome parties all lead by influential industry professionals (I'll save you the list of name droppings here). The Summit was started by a grant from the Academy and has grown into a real community of filmmakers I'm very proud to be a part of. I also own a production company that develops, finances and produces independent film and series and sit on the board of a non-profit film school. This initiative is important and I'd love to be a part of organizing your workshops and meet ups - creating a supportive and collaborative film community. Please let me know how I can help push your cause forward! You can email me at

Nancy Kiang Plus

Great! How do we sign up to receive announcements about Share The Screen workshops? Will you be doing online Workshops Without Walls?
May I throw this out there for discussion: of the "top-grossing movies of which only 9% were directed by women" how many of those top-grossing movies are by writer-directors and how many were indie films? And what was the genre breakdown? And which ones were directed by women? I think it's great if Vimeo promotes indie women writer-directors, but I think the problem with Hollywood is avoiding putting women directors on mainstream commercial projects. How do we get them to do that? Meanwhile, what's the ratio of female producers to male? Are those stats better?

Andrea, best wishes for getting this off the ground!

Nancy Kiang Plus

Andrea -- In your search for women directors to promote, I hope you'll look out for women who are not only doing women's stories but who are interested in other things, too. I'd like to see more women science fiction directors, for example.

Andrea Allen PRO

Nancy, as a sci fi lover myself, I'm totally on board with that idea!

Marissa Goldman

What is your reasoning for not having an open call? I really can't pinpoint a logical reasoning for not having one. I certainly support the initiative of this, and I understand why you would use Aidy as a Springboard for press, but not everyone has the privilege to even make anything or be seen at all and still may have an incredible talent.

In my experience of seeing grants or funding for female driven work, it's been either through hand-selecting or submission fees. AKA rich get richer, popular get more popular. I'd like to see you unravel that. Ladies - please message me if you agree!

Heidi Morike

Are you kidding? I can pinpoint a logical reason for not having an open call: too many entries!
But it's somewhat questionable to have press coverage of their 5 opportunities and only allow insiders a shot. Too bad there isn't a way to dwindle down the applicants to more serious candidates; perhaps requiring a certain camera quality or perhaps film school background.

Marissa Goldman

I certainly thought of this reason but it still seems like it would be worth weeding through submissions to find new voices. This is a step though.

Barb Morrissey

This is SUCH an amazing idea! I really hope something I make with my two female film-maker friends can be highlighted and it won't just be people already famous or already with some kind of name for themselves, because that would be a shame.

Karon Aghotte

Every time I come across an article about a new opportunity for female filmmakers, I feel joy UNTIL I continue reading, only to discover that those being offered these opportunities are already connected in the industry, have managers and agents, are part of a hit television show or the like. Awesome for them. But what about the rest of us who are killing ourselves with projects we're pitching on our own, writing on our own, producing on our own, financing on our own, no big agents, no managers, but lots of talent, fighting kicking and screaming to break in, and make something, ANYTHING, happen? What about us?

Andrea Allen PRO

Hi Karon,
Not sure if you're familiar with our previous Vimeo Originals. High Maintenance was uploading their series to Vimeo before we funded their latest season as a Vimeo Original. Bianca Del Rio caught our attention by selling her work on Vimeo On Demand. We then funded her stand up special as a Vimeo Original. There's more to come that we're very excited to announce!

You ask what about "us?" The best way to stand out on Vimeo is to keep uploading your work to Vimeo and, participating in the community here.

Cosmic Reel Pictures Plus

I doubt this will work but if it does cool. It's 12 am on a Saturday night and most girls would be out tonight but instead I'm up looking for blogs and places to launch my Kickstarter. I'm a female director, 26 and the struggle is real. I just finished filming my first real feature and raised 35k on my own. But now I need to raise another 15k...I feel insane reaching out to this black hole but who know... Check out the Kickstarter perhaps someone is out there

Cosmic Reel Pictures Plus

^ oh it stars some great talent from mostly Austin including Lorelei Linklater and Tanner Kalina

Cosmic Reel Pictures Plus

And workshops are cool and all but coming from a place where I moved into a city knowing nobody and somehow found investors and real talent....actions speak louder than words...workshops are only going to deter the real impact you guys could really have in the film world...women need a strong platform to present their projects....ALL women not just celebs....talking about how to help women at a workshop or a mentor meeting is cool but let's be guys shouldn't spend so much time on that when the real dilemma is helping women get exposure and access. Less talk...more action...

I used to attend workshop meetings here too...I spent silly money and wasted my time...and then I made a movie....and I'm still struggling but those meetings never got me to where I am now. So goodluck with the workshops and the meetings....can't wait for you guys to actually move real mountains. I say this all with love and frustration...and as a woman you probably understand the angst...I apologize.

Éva Somogyi

A női filmesek is jók! Kreatívak, és figyelnek a részletekre. Érdemes, figyelemmel kísérni, a munkájukat.

Kate Rees Davies

How do we get involved/apply for this initiative? It sounds awesome!

Andrea Allen PRO

Hi Kate,
Happy you think it sounds awesome! It definitely is awesome. While we’re not accepting unsolicited pitches, we *do* source our Vimeo Originals from our outrageously talented community. The very best way to get our attention is to share your amazing work on Vimeo and Vimeo On Demand. Thanks for reaching out!

Rossana Naveda

Hello, I am really glad to listen about this. Especially, when I am trying to develop a project. I had a script and I am aware of the I need to contact professionals who would like to collaborate with me and of course, find investment...How would us be able to get access to this great opportunity. Please, give me some support. I really want it.

Kind regards,

Rossana Naveda

Amy Thompson

This is amazing.
I've shot a film with the majority of principle crew being female.
Please message me to view the film as the film is password protected :)

Chitown Qui Kyles

Hi, guys before I even give my input I wanted to take the time out to intro myself..I'm, Quiana (key-ah-nah) Kyles aka Chi-Town Blue around cyberspace. So, I'm a filmmaker, freelance writer, producer and director. Most, of my writing has been done on a local level even being a former editorial assistant for the historical Chicago Sun-Times....

Now, Dr. Maya Angelou begin her creative journey and even turned one of her poems into cinema and to carry on that legacy I've done the same thing. I've, got everything registered down at the library of congress.

My, collection of poetry "Silent Whispers" was selected in 2014 by Evatopia Entertainment as their "Pick Of The Week,"
Currently, two poems "His Voice His Movement," and "My Ghetto America," helped to spark the movie project that I am presenting Post 2 will follow..

Chitown Qui Kyles

(Post 2)-This is the back story regarding my submission..His Voice His Movement .
Logically, everyone knows that the Jackson dynasty started in the Mid-West but ever since the passing of MJ and the success of Janet Jackson there has never been a tribute (Answer) to their influence on the Mid-West art district which they have influenced In such a powerful way...My, objective is to change the way society has viewed Chicago....We, are not Chiraq....
This, project is a coming of age story depicting the growing pains of life seen through the eyes of teen self- employed ambitious, grassroots starlet Crystal "C,J" Johnson...She, uses her human freedoms to beat the odds.Posting 3 continue

Chitown Qui Kyles

Posting 3-Currently, I will addressing the issues with inequality in films...We, need more ways to fund our films...The, workshops are good for networking but will that produce the pathway to get the funding we need. For example, I submitted to first and did get the traffic by way of celebs(i.e. Siedah Garrett, Tracey Edmonds, Donnie Simpson, Ella Joyce, Jossie Thacker etc/ retweets/fav's on F/B)...Now, it's currently posted on Kick Starter platform... Just, to have this conversation alone makes everything cool because now we can join and have our voices heard.

Budget done, Shoot schedule completed...One, endorsement would make such a difference in how we get our programs to both the small and big screen...Despite, the racial slur my project received I am here and believe in what I am doing....It, will see the light of day..My, dream cast alone Zendaya, Janet, Fantasia, Raven, Angela B, Taye Diggs, Larenz Tate, and Justin Timberlake, would make this project a reality....


Brilliant to hear this as I'm a self-taught, self-funded 13yr old female filmmaker from Wales, U.K. I'd really love to get some mentoring from women filmmakers/get a chance to come along on a shoot. I make documentary shorts, music videos and an annual documentary series called 'My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome). This year I'm going to start on my first feature. Please get in touch if you are willing to mentor me from time to time at:

Anette Martinsen

Yes please, please support my film
It is a female cast, female director and a true story based on female issues of self development, abuse, struggle with finding the self and finding the meaning of life. The journey takes Ingrid to a therapist to find out why she has flashbacks and nightmares. What she finds out is not what she expects. The 3 lead roles are female. The story is original and based on a true story.
We are in the process of funding the film at the moment and I am happy to say we already are part funded.
If you want to follow the films progress
Thank you and Best wishes,

Anette Martinsen

Sarai Snyder

Thank you for this wonderful initiative. I'm currently developing a program that will provide a channel for sharing such films. It is part of a bigger project that is meant to empower women. I would love to share with you to see if there is a potential for partnership. I'm not a filmmaker but very interested in the much broader potential. I believe this would be worth a few moments of your time to consider! I'll be following along and cheering!

Shelly Carmel Plus

This initiative is a delight to bump into and Im very excited. Since im a director NOT living in the U.S Im very curios to ask if any workshops or meet-ups are planned outside of the U.S? If not, a suggestion of mine would be to incorporate a digital-skype-live sessions into this program? the international talented women really want to be apart of this.
thanks!! Shelly --

Ashley Lackinger

Will there be a specific email list for this? Or will we be clued in to workshops, meetups, and programs via the vimeo subcriber list?


I'm over the top excited for this movement by VIMEO! This is a class-act power move that is long over due for women creators of film and video. Way to go VIMEO, you'll keep getting my money and support for years to come!! #sharethescreen

paPaya BiZaRRa Plus

Hi! think this is a great effort and I hope it helps more women to step up and also to know each other already working hard to tell stories! I'm a cinematographer from Panama. This is my first movie as cinematographer/camera/editor :D It's been years, blood and tears of hard work. It would be nice if you could check it out and give us some love. :)

Ben Fancher

Take a recommendation for another woman director right here on Vimeo who I feel is very talented? This is uploaded by her DP and is a fantastic piece.

Erin Corrado

Very cool initiative - I'm working on a film right now that's crowdfunding:

Stopping the gender bias in films is very important!

Debbra Ann Palais

Hi ha Anyone seen my husband Patrick Michael Staight I have been looking for him


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟To Vimeo who helps all who want to post their video's that I so much just enjoy viewing. Good luck to everyone who does such entertainment. I ❤ Vimeo.

Curt M

Respectfully, I don't log on to Vimeo for political content. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not against Vimeo or anyone else having a political take on things; that's absolutely fine with me. But in this particular case you went beyond that and actively emailed me about it. That too is fully within your rights, but respectfully, I'd rather not be actively sought out to be solicited with political content.

Mahesh Seelvi

I am a film director from India. I enjoy viewing films on vimeo some of them very touching and some very horrible. Vimeo is a great platform for the film makers-the creators. I am working on a film "Surrender" which is on terrorism. In the month of March the film will be viewed by all the vimeo viewers. this is short.

Gutsy Gals Inspire Me PRO

Have already posted and added #Sharethescreen to our Gutsy Gals Inspire Me Facebook page. Thank you Vimeo for the support.....every opening for women and their films is one more opening than we had yesterday.

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