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Upload Videos Automatically from Dropbox

Blake Whitman
August 29, 2012 by Blake Whitman Alum

We’ve been working with our friends over at Dropbox to give everyone a cool new way to upload videos. Starting today, you can marry your Vimeo and Dropbox accounts to seamlessly upload your video files directly from Dropbox.

Here are just a few reasons why it’s cool:

  • If you depend on Dropbox for syncing and storing all your videos files, you don’t have to visit Vimeo to upload them again. One less step!
  • Auto-upload any video you save to Dropbox. Just choose your auto-upload folder, save a video there and we’ll handle the rest.
  • When uploading from Dropbox, you can leave the browser window as soon as you start uploading. No need to babysit a progress bar. If you already use Dropbox to backup and save your videos, this integration should make your life a lot easier. For more information about how to set it up, visit our FAQ. We’re constantly updating our uploading features, including being able to choose any frame of your video as a thumbnail, and we’re going to be announcing more in the coming weeks.

Connect your Dropbox to Vimeo and all this can be yours!




That's really great!

Jan Keck

It's already live! Love the custom thumbnail feature!


I would love to add a custom JPG /PNG/GIF as a thumbnail. Or maybe point to one on a remote server.

Cine Vídeos Plus

Muito bom. Agora sim. Porque antes estava terrivelmente demorado para fazer upload.

Jason Ellis

This is awesome. I'm trying to digitize a lot of old family videos from when I was a kid. I've been doing the work in Dropbox so that I have them backed up and then uploading to Vimeo. This will make it go way faster!

Priyésh Peevee

...why didn`t you give any hints a few months ago when I was complaining about the discontinued vimeo desktop uploader? this is waaaaay cooler, dudes!!! :D

Dexter Sumner

Now THAT is a MOST UNIQUE way of explaining new features...


The new features are great but the crazy talking deer video needs an award too!

NEGRE estudio Plus

awesomeness, always awesomeness from the Vimeo team. Just come to Valencia, Spain and we will throw the party of your life over here. You deserve it!

Eduardo Moya

Yes! this is amazing thanks you Vimeo & Dropbox, who's the illustrator??

Taizo Sugaya

Wow! That we call great job !!
I just wonder storage of vimeo which suite for the Drop Box's storage.
I mean, capacity. No. I mean capable size?


Brilliant additions! Thanks team!


How long is it supposed to take? I linked and put a video into my Apps/Vimeo folder on Dropbox about half an hour ago and it's not showing up in Vimeo.

Visual Bali

finally.. that's what we're waiting

Purplemaize Miller

I am glad now other companies can now drag and drop into the dropbox. I was using another application for my videos , I also put tunes in the folder too to share with my family and friends.

Julien Chichignoud Plus

That's amazing, and will make my life a lot easier!

What's the upload speed like? I did a test with a very short video, and it seemed VERY fast. I'll try again with a proper high quality video file.

I'd like to suggest the option to remove the video file from the Dropbox once uploaded. It gets filled up fairly quickly, and it would make us save one more step!

Thanks again for this!

(Edit: the auto-upload does not seem to work)

!Audacious Church

I love this option now, but one question, is it possible to set automatically uploaded videos to be private?
I dont want all content to go live immediately, so this would be a good option

Julien Chichignoud Plus

The auto-upload follows your global video settings, so you have to change them here:

Problem is that it changes the setting for all your existing videos. I had to spend the afternoon resetting all my public, password-protected and embedded videos...

Blake Whitman Staff

Auto-upload does in fact follow global settings, but you can always go into the video settings that you send through Dropbox afterward and update the settings.


So if you want Dropbox-uploaded videos to be private initially, your only choice is to make *all of your current videos* private and then hand-tweak each one to be public again, all without the benefit of any kind of batch-editing tool? Am I understanding this correctly?

Julien Chichignoud Plus

@Blake Problem with editing afterwards, is that the video is public for a few minutes/hours until we go into these settings page. It's just painstaking to have to apply the new default setting to all the existing videos.

But still, great feature!

Ryan Hefner Staff

Hey all,

We just pushed up an update to Global Settings that allows you to change your defaults WITHOUT applying that change to all your existing videos. Hope that helps!

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the Global Video Settings update.


Nichlas Hummelsberger

How often does Vimeo check my Dropbox auto-upload folder for new videos? Do i have to trigger it?


Dropbox auto-upload doesn't seem to work

Soxiam Staff

Did you enable this option during your set up?

Anaplan PRO

Do you have a feature like this for Box?

Michael Kupfer

How long does ist take that a video is uploaded? I´m waiting now for about 2 hours.

Jason Wawro Plus

I'm not sure which I like more the new features or the video describing the new features

Matthew Burleson

Quick question - when using dropbox to upload, once the video is finished uploading will there be a confirmation or anything? If I remove the video from my dropbox does it remove the video on vimeo? We will still need to log into vimeo to add descriptions and custom titles and tags correct?

Art of the Title PRO

Any reason why the auto upload from dropbox wouldn't work? Tried two files without success.

Soxiam Staff

Hi. Did you enable the auto upload option during set up?

Art of the Title PRO

Yes indeed. I made sure of that and just double-checked now.

I am using DB's new two-factor authentication, if that's of any use.

Sam Heijens

Love the dropbox upload feature.

You should expand it that you can indicate different dropbox-folders with different settings. I would love to have a folder where i place the video and it goes straight online, and another folder to automatically put it in an album and set password to something, and another to...

I have a lot of pojects and they all require different settings. Now i still have to go online to change te settings. But anyway the uploading is a huge improvement!!

And i love the thumbnail feature!

Soxiam Staff

We will most likely expand on some of the features based on its usage but given that it's based on the API provided by dropbox they will always be somewhat limited as to what we can do. For the launch, we wanted to make the feature as simple as possible accommodating the typical needs of most users.

Ruben Salvadori

is there a way to check the upload progress (in percentage left) when uploading from dropbox?
Is 9 hours and counting normal for a 1,5G video, on vimeo plus account?
do I have to stay connected to the internet while uploading from dropbox to vimeo?

Soxiam Staff

The exact time it takes to transfer file from dropbox can't be calculated. If you are still having issues with this file, can you post its URL on our help forum so we can take a look?

Petr Eremin Plus

WOW! This video is hilarious! I mean the new futures are great but the video itself is just...who spoke this creature of the forest?! "It's like I stop eating grass and do whatever and then come back and resume eating a later time!" watched it twice so far! :D

Julián Andrade

¡Buenísimo! Me facilitaron la vida. Muchas gracias. Un abrazo para todos. Business

Is it faster than uploading through the browser? (I'm very disappointed that the "new" Vimeo is still insanely slow on browser uploads!)

ViaStream Premium

unfortunatelly the dropbox upload status does not show anything next to the file, nor Vimeo not shows any upload process ... so i am waiting for something?


Auto-upload doesn't work for me either. It's as if there is no connection between vimeo & dropbox at all!

Major The Dog

Auto upload does not work for me and yes I set it up correctly


a question...say i have 10gb of video in my dropbox and 5gb is the weekly limit, if I store it on dropbox, will it upload5gb by itself and then after the new week begins the other 5GB by itself?

Schwung PRO

Awesome. But what about batch/multiple delete? I have a lot of videos, I have to delete from my PRO account and each requires 5-6 clicks and password typing, is my time not better spent on being creative instead? Seems like we are strongly discouraged to delete anything ;)

buro KLEI Plus

all kudos for you guys... but... and a big one. Read Dropbox its legal notices and stuff. All things you drop in their box, belongs to them. Just like Facebook. You will loose your copyright the minute you upload your hard work using Dropbox. So our studio will keep using Vimeo, as its great, but we won't use Dropbox as uploader. Maybe its something to consider for you guys as well.

Shahin Shokoui Plus

I think there was some misunderstanding:

....We’ve always believed your stuff is yours and yours alone, and we know that many of you, like us, make a living on your creative output....

buro KLEI Plus

well sir... I hope you heard my sigh of relief :) Thanks for clearing this one up!

Shahin Shokoui Plus

That is the mood. That is why I am here guys. Love you and your sense of humor! Thanks Team.

ABC Open Central Victoria Plus

It's great that Vimeo has these new features, but when will Vimeo catch up and finally become accessible? ie closed captions?

It's a shame that such a great platform doesn't include this feature to make it accessible to all web users. The ability to have closed captions gets our films out to a wider audience.


Love the new features.
Please drop the idiotic videos. Moose talk does not explain better nor make it cooler.
Vimeo unlike YouTube is for business and serious uses. Just give us the dry facts simple and clear.

Dallas Peters

Ronny, please use YouTube for your business and serious uses. We'll have fun over here.

Nimpsy Studio

'And it feels like I am just too close to love you!' ;)~

Wonderful Tidings Plus

I've been using the any frame to thumbnail feature on/for all my recent videos. What a really nice and thoughtful feature. Thank you...

JK NEWS Bulletin

what is the best setting to upload videos from dropbox to vimeo

jim parry

Except my videos were automatically uploaded without my permission... I'm glad I didn't have a sensitive document like a work presentation our even worse......!??!?!??!?!

APZmedia PRO

How come you change the upload to automatic without warning or even asking users? This is plain wrong!

Tyler Twombly

Hey, wow...I am sort of new to Vimeo and I really like it. That forest creature is bad-ass at explaining stuff.

InterMotion Media PRO

I'm just discovering this relationship between dropbox and vimeo and loving it! Though I can't figure out if vimeo searches subfolders or if I need to have all of my videos directly in the one dropbox folder that I point vimeo to. Thanks

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