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Vimeo for macOS: more control, more Final Cut Pro features

Vimeo Staff
April 10, 2018 by Vimeo Staff Staff

While most of the world enjoys your videos in their final, beautiful form, you know that it takes a ton of work in programs like Final Cut Pro X to get them there. And when you’re working, you’re in the zone. There’s no time to be switching back and forth, checking on your browser, and fighting the temptation of the woeful world wide web. You need to be focused like a microscope.

We’re here to help you focus, with an all-new (totally free!) app. Vimeo for macOS brings some of our core functionality to your desktop, giving you more control over the video workflow— especially if you’re working in Final Cut Pro. Download it here.

While you could already upload to Vimeo from Final Cut Pro, the new macOS app gives Final Cut Pro users more control over file formats and video codecs. We’ve also included the ability to upload multiple files at once, a handy status bar to track progress, and instant access to share links, review page links, and embed codes. For anyone working in post-production, this is a definite time-saver.

After you install the app, you’ll be prompted to connect to Final Cut Pro (which you can always do later from your settings, too).  After restarting Final Cut, you’ll see the app in your share destinations as Vimeo (advanced).

Here are all the awesome things you do with Vimeo for macOS:

  • Export as ProRes and other advanced codecs from Final Cut Pro
  • Upload directly to your Vimeo account
  • Add captions in Final Cut Pro, and get to settings from the app
  • Adjust the title, description, and privacy settings for your videos
  • Play videos from the app (without going into your browser)
  • Get instant access to video links, video review pages, and embed codes

And you can enjoy it all without going into your internet browser. Meaning you get the features you need most, right when and where you need them.

We plan to continue updating Vimeo for macOS, so comment below and let us know what you’re loving, and what else you’d like to see.

P.S. Good news! If you work in Adobe Premiere Pro, we’ve got an extension for that.


john Rusyniak Plus

Great news Vimeo! I'm excited to give it a try. Thanks for all you are doing for the video media world.

Maurice Hollingsworth

It is nice to have the flexibility to change the upload formats but what is the best format to upload video from FCP?

no hands PRO

This is my question too - will this app allow for the most optimal compression and export setting to maintain the best end product? I feel like this should take the element human error out of the compression settings process.

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! We actually do not control the compression settings from Final Cut. If you are already happy with the way Final Cut compresses their video on a normal basis, then using the Vimeo macOS App won’t be any different! We do share some recommendations here on the Help Center article (under “Uploading videos”):

Russ Goerend Productions Plus

Is there a way to upload via FCPX that replaces the video file for a currently uploaded video? As of now I export it as a video file then open up and find the video to replace, go into Settings -> Video File, then upload the replacement. Can that process be streamlined?

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there Russ! Currently, there is not a way to replace a video via FCPX. This can only be done on-site following the steps you provided. That said, we will pass your comment along to our product team as feedback! Thanks!

PhotoGFX Media Ltd PRO

Hi Amy, Yes, me to - I'd really like to be able to replace/update a video as FCPx is a one click encode/upload process this is a missing feature that would help a lot of pro users.

Lightly Frozen Productions PRO

Yes I'd like to be able to replace video especially when working with clients using the review pages. That has the function to view previous version but I can't use it because I am just uploading new videos every time.

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there Joerg! Sorry for the trouble! Would you be able to reach out to us at Someone from our support team can assist you further with this issue you are experiencing.

Joerg Plechinger Plus

Oh, sorry! I expected a real App, but it's a add-on for the menubar obviously. At least I see it there, the I start the App. ;-)

Amy Horton Staff

Glad to hear it! Don't hesitate to reach back out if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Polyphonic Image Plus

Does this add any other features to the 'review' process on Vimeo? I'd LOVE the ability to import the notes back from our review pages and have them come up as markers on the timeline in FCPX!

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Thank you for the suggestion! This is currently not a feature, but I'm happy to pass this along to our product team as feedback.

Michael Maes PRO

This is brilliant! Will you also launch such integration for DaVinci Resolve? That would be highly appreciated :)

Amy Horton Staff

Hi Michael - thank you for your kind words! We don't currently have a plan for an integration with DaVinci Resolve, but I'll pass your suggestion along to our product team.

Christ Church United Methodist Plus

This sounds amazing, i have downloaded the app but it wont let me log in :( anyone else having this problem? i have reset my password and everything

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. Would you be able to reach out to us at We'll be able to assist you further via email!

Pascoeberry Premium

Awesome feature this will really speed up my workflow.. Many thanks Vimeo, keep those new features coming. Just a bit of feedback I did fine the new app a tad slow to upload, verse direct upload and before you ask I have good upload internet connection. Keep up the good work !!

dave harrison Business

This is great, but are we able to also include VHX upload ability as well? Now that would be awesome.

Amy Horton Staff

Hi Dave! Thank you for this suggestion - we'll pass your feedback along to our product team!

Jesse Alk PRO

Which versions of FCPX is this compatible with?

Amy Horton Staff

Hi Jesse! It is compatible with Final Cut X 10.0 or higher, on macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or higher on your Mac. The macOS App is not currently supported on any older versions of macOS or legacy versions of Final Cut (Pro and Express, v. 7.0.3 and earlier). Let us know if you have any additional questions!

Jesse Alk PRO

Great, thank you! A lot of us aren't updating to High Sierra because of compatibility issues, and I am personally sticking to FCPX 10.3.4 for the time being, so that is very helpful.

Smartpix PRO

Are you planning also compressor integration?

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! We do not currently have this planned, but we are happy to pass this suggestion along to our product team.

Encyclomedia PRO

Is the exported file still saved locally or is it deleted after upload? Reveal Exported File in Finder from FCP isn't showing anything.

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Currently, you would have to perform a separate export of your video to your hard drive while sharing to the macOS app from Final Cut. That said, we will be sure to share your suggestion to our product team!

FrenchRose Plus

I do all my video editing with FCPX, which is perfect. When I export to Vimeo it sometimes hangs updating play back. Can Vimeo Advanced help with this problem ? Thanks and keep up the good work.

Dana Staff

Hi there! You shouldn't encounter any delays while using the new Vimeo Advanced share destination in Final Cut, but I would like to get a better sense of the problem you have been experiencing. Would it be possible to provide a screenshot or recording that demonstrates the hanging behavior? Thank you!

Trevor Horton Plus

If you could give us the ability to choose the thumbnail images without doing it on the website, that would be a game changer for my current workflow. Appreciate the work that went into this new app!

Amy Horton Staff

Hi Trevor! Thank you for this feedback - we'll pass it along! Glad to hear you are enjoying the new app.

Pascoeberry Premium

As I said before this is great, but I am having trouble with the advance Vimeo FCPX integration it is really slow to upload to the Vimeo site. Much faster to upload directly. Anyone else finding this? I am using a 200 mbps plus connection.

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Thank you for reaching out with this information. Please note that on-site uploading is always the fastest, because we have full control over the logic for choosing the best server.

Also, exporting via FCP includes encoding the file before upload. However, if you are uploading on site, the file is already created before you go through that process. This might account for why it is seemingly much longer via FCP!

Pascoeberry Premium

Hi Amy, thanks for your reply and explaining, why it won't be faster. Thanks also for Vimeo's honesty and quick response. Its refreshing !!! Not all companies diligently monitor their product blogs. Well done! regards Steve

Eduardo J. Aguiar PRO

I have been trying all day to upload a video from FCPX with this new app. First time failed as a prores compression, so second time I tried H264 compression and its still uploading. It's a 4k 17 minute file. With the old app I would be able to upload this type of file in an hour or so. There is no way I can use this new app, I have a client that has been waiting all day to see this video.

Dana Staff

I’m very sorry to hear you’ve encountered an issue in the app. Our upload system encountered some delays yesterday that should now be resolved. Are you still having trouble uploading from FCPX with the app?

Eduardo J. Aguiar PRO

I used the old app and it uploaded quickly with no hassles. I'll try the advance again to see if it works now

Article19 PRO

what about that other little used computer platform, what's it called again? oh right, Windows 10!

Jan Erik Edvartsen

Are you planning on adding Adobe Premiere Pro and/or Adobe After Effects integration in the future?

4-13 Studios PRO

Hi, every time I press 'Allow' when the app tries to connect to fcpx by selecting the 'Library' folder, it gives me the message 'The User's Library folder must be selected'. It is selected. I've removed the app, reinstalled, restarted the computer but the message still comes up. Any suggestions?

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Can you email us at Someone from our support team can help you troubleshoot further!

Elliott en pyjama

Hello, I have an issue connecting Final Cut to the Vimeo app, when I clic 'Allow' I get an issue message saying 'The User's Library folder must be selected.'
Which folder should I select ? (I know that the guide says that I should not have to select any folder.)

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Can you email us at Someone from our support team can help you troubleshoot further!

Enki Andrews Plus

Does Vimeo have any recommendations for using Apple Compressor Application, or is it just the same recommendation as using FCPX?


Installed, but the app doesn't start. :-(

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Would you be able to write into so we can take a closer look at the issue you are experiencing?

Marlon Sabala PRO

Doesnt work at all. Tried restarting but nop!

When I start exporting a video, the app popup us to say it is waiting for export to be complete. But then when it does complete it simply sits there.

Very disappointing as I really would like to use it

Amy Horton Staff

Hi Marlon! Please write into and we can investigate the issue further!

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