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Create Amazon store videos that drive sales.

How to make attention-getting Amazon videos.

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  1. Choose a template.
    Explore our library of templates already optimized for Amazon’s exact specs, and start customizing the one you like best.
  2. Add your own video clips, images, or music.
    Upload your own imagery or browse our unlimited stock library for the perfect shot. Pair images with text to explain or introduce your product. Amazon recommends showing off the product ASAP in listing videos.
  3. Make it your own.
    Change up the sizing, fonts, and format of your Amazon store video to suit your brand. Add pops of personality with filters, stickers, and more.
  4. Add your video to your Amazon listing.
    Save and download your video, then upload and publish to your Amazon store. Voila! Watch your sales trend upward.

Create Amazon videos that’ll make them click “add to cart.”

Keep your Amazon video short and sweet.

Sponsored Brand Videos (SBV) can range from six to 30 seconds. Amazon recommends showing a product shot and your brand’s name in the first three seconds of your Amazon store video. When in doubt, cut it out — keep your video messaging simple, clear, and concise so you keep the viewer’s precious attention.

Show off your product immediately.

On Amazon, skip the elaborate storytelling and dive right into what the people are looking for: your product. Remember — people use Amazon to shop and learn about brands. Videos that show a product within the first seconds of the video tend to perform better.

Pay attention to formatting and sound. 

Always make sure your Amazon store videos are designed and optimized for both auto-play and a sound-free experience! Text should be simple and readable from a mobile device. Videos should also follow a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

Don’t forget that Amazon listing videos infinitely loop.

Amazon store videos autoplay and loop continuously. When creating your Amazon product video, either creatively loop your footage, or include a visually interesting end card in the final seconds of the video.

Frequently asked questions.

  • How do I add video to my Amazon listing?
    • Want to be an Amazon content creator? Here’s how to add video to your Amazon listing. Step one: Sign into your Amazon Sellers Central account. Step two: Navigate to the Upload and Manage Videos page. Review Amazon’s guidelines for video, then upload your file. Step three: Write a title for your video, add a thumbnail image, and list the ASINs of any related products. Step four: Submit your video for review. Amazon typically reviews videos in a few days.
  • What is sponsored brand video?
    • A Sponsored Brand Video (SBV) is a type of video ad format available to Amazon sellers. They can be used to show your product three-dimensionally on Amazon search results and in the app, which can be a powerful tool to get people to click on your listing over your competitors.
  • How long can Amazon product videos be?
    • Amazon supports video lengths up to 120 seconds long, but under 30 seconds is recommended. Shorter videos — as short as 6s, 10s, or 15s — tend to be top performers.
  • What is Amazon A+ content?
    • Amazon A+ content is a program through Amazon Sellers Central that allows approved Amazon sellers to add unique modules to their listings. Add marketing text that tells your brand story and show off your products with image highlights. 
  • What is EBC on Amazon?
    • EBC, or “enhanced brand content” is what Amazon A+ content was called when the program was introduced in 2016. EBC includes a limited version of the modules available for A+ content. Remember: A+ content and EBC for your store must be approved by Amazon.

Create compelling Amazon store videos.