A desktop video playing a video of a bouquet of flowers that reads "Valentines Day - Free Delivery." To the right, a mobile device plays an Instagram story of a woman blowing away flower petals. Text on screen reads "Thinking of you."

Create a sweet Valentine video in minutes.

How to create heartwarming Valentine’s videos.

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  1. Choose a Valentine Day template.
    Choose from Vimeo Create’s beautiful Valentine’s Day video templates you can customize to create your own Valentine’s day slideshow or video.  
  2. Add images from our unlimited library.
    Add images from our unlimited stock library, or upload your own video clips and images to give your Valentine video a personalized touch. 
  3. Customize your Valentine’s Day video.
    Add text, choose colors, play with filters, and more with Vimeo Create’s free love video editor. 
  4. Save and share your Valentine video.
    Save your Valentine’s Day slideshow or video and share it directly to social media from Vimeo Create or download it to use anywhere.

Pro tips for creating stunning Valentine’s Day videos.

Whether you’re creating a Valentine’s Day slideshow to celebrate your love, a Happy Valentine’s Day video to share with friends and family, or a Valentine video to promote your business or your Valentine’s Day deals and specials, these expert tips will help you create stunning Valentine’s videos that leave a lasting impression. 

Use music to set the mood.

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, so set the mood by adding some sweet and sentimental tunes to create a Valentine’s Day music video. Vimeo Create’s unlimited stock library includes an endless variety of music clips, from sweet and lively to slow and sensual love tunes, so you can set the right mood for your Valentine’s Day slideshow or Valentine video. 

Use text to reinforce your key messaging.

Add text to your Valentine videos with Vimeo Create’s free Valentine’s video maker to highlight your core message. Creating a Happy Valentine’s Day video to share with friends and family? Add text that says, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” or “Thanks for being you.” 

Creating Valentine’s Day marketing videos to promote your products or services? Add text to convey the important details like the dates the promotion is running, the discount or offer, and a compelling CTA to get viewers to take action. 

Give it a personal touch. 

Many people celebrate their most important relationships on Valentine’s Day, so give your Valentine videos a personal touch by adding family photos or video clips of you and your sweetheart sharing some of your most meaningful memories. 

If you’re designing Valentine’s Day videos for your brand, use photos or video clips of your team, add video clips that tell a story, or leverage user-generated content to highlight how your products or services play a role in your customers’ lives (and, of course, their most meaningful relationships) – just be sure to get the rights before using UGC in your marketing video content.

Valentine’s Day videos frequently asked questions.

  • What are some ideas for Valentines videos?
    • There are tons of ways to use Valentine videos to make Valentine’s Day memorable. Create a romantic Valentine Day slideshow with Vimeo Create’s free Valentine Day video maker featuring the most special memories you’ve created with your significant other or to showcase the journey you’ve made as a couple through the years. Make a Happy Valentine Day video with a sweet message to your friends and family and share it on social media. Or, create a series of Valentine videos to promote your brand or announce Valentine’s Day deals and promotions.
  • How do you make a romantic video with pictures?
  • How do you make a romantic Valentine’s Day music video?
    • Making a romantic Valentine’s Day music video is easy with Vimeo Create’s free romantic video maker; you can even create a video using your smartphone. Browse our recommended music clips to find the right tune to set the mood or search for a song that has a special significance in your relationship. You can even upload your own music clips for a personalized video soundtrack, but be careful not to violate copyright laws.

Make a romantic Valentine’s Day video in minutes.