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How to make engaging promo videos.

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Create powerful promotional marketing videos.

Creating engaging promotional videos for your business, products and services, or events doesn’t require a professional video production studio budget. Follow these tips and best practices to create an impactful promotional video.

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Make an emotional connection with viewers.

Conveying essential information is important in promotional marketing videos, but don’t sacrifice emotion and heart to pack in dry or unnecessary information. It’s the emotional connection with viewers that makes an ad memorable. Focus on evoking an emotional response — happiness, sadness, anger, curiosity, or nostalgia that leaves  your viewers hungry for more.

Keep the promo focused on a single, specific goal.

Trying to do too much in a single promotional video often results in a chaotic, confusing, or overwhelming video that quickly loses viewers. Define objectives before you start planning your content. Keep each video focused on a singular goal. You can use Vimeo Create to produce a series of promo video ads — each focused on a target objective or KPI — on a shoestring budget. 

End with a clear and compelling call-to-action. 

Don’t beat around the bush or risk being too subtle with your ask. What is it that you want viewers to do after watching – register for an event, purchase a product, follow your brand on social media, or something else? Include an irresistible call-to-action that lets your audience know exactly what to do next (and why they should do it pronto).

Promo videos frequently asked questions.

  • Why are promotional videos important?
    • Promotional videos for your business can raise brand awareness, educate, and entertain, creating powerful emotional connections with viewers that boost memory and brand recognition. Viewers are more likely to remember your business after watching a brand promo video that makes them feel happy, excited, or angry, and more importantly, they’re likely to associate that emotion with your brand. When it comes time to make a purchase, your brand, product, or service will be top-of-mind.
  • How much does a promo video cost?
    • Hiring a video production studio can cost thousands of dollars, but you don’t need a big budget to create promotional marketing videos. Vimeo Create makes it easy to create a professional promo video, even if you don’t have design experience – or a big corporate production budget. Vimeo Create’s promotional video maker includes professionally-designed templates and tons of intuitive editing tools to create stunning videos in minutes.
  • How long should a promotional video be?
    • While some social media platforms allow long-form videos, shorter is almost always better when it comes to brand promo videos and promotional videos for products. Why? Today’s social media users have short attention spans; they’re much more likely to watch a short promo video that’s one or two minutes long than they are to sit through a 10-minute video. For promo video ads, aim for 15 to 30 seconds of engaging, action-packed video content. Start with a captivating hook that grabs viewers’ attention in the first few seconds.

Create a stunning promotional video in minutes.