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Stream Your Church Services with Vimeo OTT

Stream your services online by building your own video subscription channel with Vimeo OTT.

Custom apps on the platforms your viewers use every day

Stream your church services on the Vimeo OTT platform.

Build a custom video app for your church with Vimeo.

Your videos look pristine everywhere, with powerful CDNs that deliver adaptive streaming to viewers, no matter what device or app they use.

World-class video platform

Setup subscriptions, ads, and one-time purchases for all your live and on-demand videos with the Vimeo OTT platform.

Advanced selling options

Get full access to subscriber data, with insights to help manage churn and grow your video business.

In-depth view of customer analytics

Deliver your unique services on all major platforms. Your service matches your church, wherever viewers are watching.

Branded apps everywhere


end users


video apps powered


customer support for your viewers

Rob Young

Creator & Host


Making that professional, tech-savvy look available to anybody who wants to make videos is huge. Vimeo helped us focus on what we do best, as opposed to working on technical projects.

Trusted by top brands.


Build a custom video app for your church services with Vimeo OTT.

+1 646 490 1679

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