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Stream your High Holiday services with Vimeo.

Get up and running quickly - no prior streaming experience required. Focus on video content for your community, we take care of everything else.

  • Bring your congregation together.

    Vimeo makes it easy to live stream your services, torah study, and holidays to your community when you can’t be in person.

  • Stream to social and grow your audience.

    Connect with the Jewish community globally by publishing videos or live streams to your website, Facebook Live, Youtube, Periscope, and more.

  • Reach your community on any device.

    Build a Netflix-style app for your live and on-demand videos, and distribute your content across platforms like iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung Tizen, and more.

  • World-class video player

    Your videos look pristine everywhere, with powerful CDNs that deliver adaptive streaming to customers, no matter what device or app they use.

Join + channels using Vimeo OTT for online video monetization.

  • + apps created 100% in-house

  • + end users

  • live streams annually

Offer faith anywhere, anytime with video.

Live streaming synagogue services are simple with Vimeo OTT. Stream your services from anywhere through your branded Vimeo OTT website or app.

Share Jewish videos with ease.

Educate your audience on the Jewish faith with educational Jewish videos viewers can stream anywhere. Share public or private links to your community for easy video access.

Seamlessly build a custom app.

Effortlessly create a custom, on-brand app for live streaming orthodox synagogue services or offer subscription video services with ease.

Temple Tikvah has used Vimeo to reach our congregants for the last two years. Our services are live streamed to members who can’t attend so everyone can be a part of our community.

During a pandemic a congregations needs don’t change, but our methods had to. Vimeo’s robust platform lets people join from the beginning no matter when they tune in and feel part of our services.

It isn’t the same, nothing is, but it feels like home."

Trusted by top brands.

Have questions?
We have answers.

Can I create a faith-based subscription network?

Absolutely. With Vimeo OTT, you can create a custom branded website and app and offer subscriptions for unlimited access to your educational Jewish videos and live streamed synagogue services.

Can I use the synagogue website domain that I have purchased for my OTT site?

Of course. Visit Settings > Site in your Vimeo OTT dashboard to configure your synagogue's custom domain to point to your Vimeo OTT site in a few simple steps.

I am not tech-savvy. Can you help me set up our channel?

It's easy to set up your synagogue's Vimeo OTT channel in minutes by following our collection of helpful, easy-to-understand tutorials and step-by-step guides in Vimeo OTT Seller Support. Reach out to our support team at any time if you need more assistance getting your synagogue services channel set up.

Can I live stream extensive Yom Kippur services?

There's no maximum time limit for live streams, so you can live stream Yom Kippur services of any length. In fact, you can even create a 24/7 live stream with Vimeo OTT Live. Otherwise, you can configure a date and time for your event, notify followers when your broadcast begins, and set an expiration date and time, after which your archived stream will no longer be viewable.

Do I really own my subscriber data and audience data?

You retain all the intellectual property rights to your video content and have access to complete customer and transaction data in your dashboard that you can export as a CSV at any time. The Vimeo OTT provides the technology platform you need to host, distribute, and monetize your content, as well as data and analytics to help you grow your synagogue services channel.

Where can people watch the synagogue services?

Live streaming conservative synagogue services with Vimeo OTT helps you reach your congregation no matter where they are. Your congregation can stream your synagogue services from anywhere and from any device with adequate bandwidth through your branded Vimeo OTT website or app.

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