Success Story

How TAPA takes center stage online with Vimeo OTT

Arts organizations can walk a fine line between creative growth and bringing in revenue, but the Toledo Alliance for the Performing Arts embraced modernization.

See how they reinvented art forms for today’s audience, keeping centuries-old performing arts relevant with live streaming and video-on-demand experiences.

Download this case study to learn:

How TAPA live-streamed its season to over 2,000 households

How TAPA set up experiences on Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast in 3 months

Why Vimeo OTT’s partner-style support system helped TAPA innovate quickly

For the last 80+ years, the value associated with a performance ended after the last note or the last bow. But that’s all different now.

Zak Vassar

President & CEO

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