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Move faster with a one-stop shop.

Forget wrangling engineers and vendors. Instead, our team will answer 
your questions and make problems go away. 

Beautiful branded apps.

We develop, submit, and maintain apps for every platform. 100% approval rating.

Migration, no downtime.

Seamless migration of content, data, and customers. No “coming soon.”

24/7 support for you, and subscribers.

With Vimeo OTT Growth and Enterprise plans, you also get your own account manager and app launch team. 

Flexible functionality.

Add more apps, live streaming, DRM, SDK, API access, and support as you need them.

Scilla Andreen

CEO & Founder


“When you have a partner like Vimeo, it makes it really easy. You don’t have to worry about the billing, whether the streaming will work, or customer service. It’s literally turnkey, so you can focus on telling your story and getting the content out there.”

Rev up growth,
and scale seamlessly.

Best-in-class analytics.

Optimize pricing, reduce churn, grow subscribers, and create better content.

Global payment processing.

With multi-language support.

Simple pricing.

Pay per subscriber, so you always know your costs. No surprise overage fees.

Monetization options.

Subscriptions, transactions, advertising, and registration.

Keep full control.

Control your subscriber data and content. No matter what.

Expert partners.

We’ve helped 1000+ channels grow their OTT business, so we can share the best way to grow yours.

Nate Daniels

Marketing Director

Trinity Broadcasting Network

The Vimeo team made our move very clean, very easy. Essentially we went from zero to launch in three months.

The best video experience since 2004.

175M+ creators and brands choose Vimeo for the best video viewing experience — and the same tech supporting 3M+ end users on 1,000+ Vimeo OTT channels and apps. Our 15-year history gives us deep troves of data to steer you towards more audiences and more profit. It also means our 400+ team isn’t going anywhere.

going anywhere.going anywhere.going anywhere.

Keep learning.

We analyzed billions of data points on OTT streaming success to make these helpful guides and webinars. 

Join a community.

Explore millions of award-winning videos, find an audience for promo content, or hire a video pro.

Peter Tomlinson


endurance sports TV

When they turn on our platform, it works. That was the first element that made us choose Vimeo — we knew we had a partner who could support us globally, and we weren’t going to have dark spots for our viewers.

Why Vimeo OTT?

Scales fast as your business.

Best viewing experience 
on any app.

Full tech and support team to help you grow faster.

Expert resources and 
video community.

Happier subscribers and happier you.

Frequently asked questions.

What is Vimeo OTT?

Vimeo OTT allows you to launch a video subscription channel, with all the tools and tech you need to grow your audience, including support for you and your subscribers.

Can I use my own website domain or a domain name that I have purchased for my OTT site?

Yes, any domain name that you have already registered, you can easily enable it for your OTT site. 

Can I customize my web and apps to my brand?

We have several customizable templates you can choose for your site. You can change images, text, and basic layout options. If you need something more customizable you can use our open API.

Can I organize my content in the app?

Collections allow you to organize your videos into groups and playlists.

Do I really own my subscriber data and audience data?

You sure do. Your dashboard provides you with data around your subscribers and your traffic.

Does Vimeo OTT support live video? What about Transaction Products (TVOD) and Subscription Products (SVOD)?

We do! Live content for your site and apps, including event-based live streaming and 24/7 (linear) live streaming is available as a part of our Growth and Enterprise plans. For more details on transactional and subscription options, see here. You can contact our team for more details. You can contact our team for more details.

Which platforms does Vimeo OTT build branded apps for?

We currently support apps on iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV, Tizen, and Xbox One.

Can I schedule video releases and expiration dates in advance?

Yes you can use time windowing to schedule when your videos will be available on your subscription and when they will expire from view. Expired videos will remain in your library and you can make them available again at any time.

What video compression settings do I need?

We provide you with compression setting guidelines to ensure your videos look their best. 

Where can I find the terms of service for Vimeo OTT?

Can I switch or change plans? 

You can upgrade to a Growth or Enterprise plan at any time.

Our team can’t wait to hear from you.

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