Get your fitness studio online.

    Fitness Video Solutions

    Bring the complete studio experience to your customers at home with reliable live and on-demand video.

    Do it all from
    your phone.

    Vimeo makes it easy to record videos right inside the app. Then change filters, control lighting, adjust the zoom, and trim footage all before you upload.

    Take the workout live.

    Woman live streaming yoga class on mobile and Bulldog Athletics live streaming weight training on Facebook

    Vimeo allows us to not only create a great live video but keep the community connected and supported through the group chat feature.

    Kelsey Greenfield
    Founder, Body Shoppe

    Improve your

    Get real-time analytics on number of viewers, locations, devices, and more, so you can make your videos and streams right for your audience.

    Put video to work
    with Vimeo OTT

    Host your live and on-demand classes on a Netflix-style app or channel, letting you monetize and distribute your content on platforms like iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire, Tizen and more.

    Migrating large amounts of data and assets can make or break the decision to partner with a new platform. Vimeo OTT made this process simple and efficient.

    Eric Lemasters
    Fit Fusion by Jillian Michaels

    The move that paid off.

    Learn how switching from YouTube to Vimeo OTT helped Millionaire Hoy earn more money, get closer to his community, and spend more time with his family.

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