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Mark is a video producer and pizza eater. In his spare time, he’s very handsome. Owls and kale freak him out.


Making a film? Here’s why you need a shot list (plus a free template!)

So you've written a script! Awesome! Now it's time to turn that script into a film. Here's how to create a shot list.


Here's exactly how to license music for marketing videos, plus helpful music resources 🎶

Finding music you can use legally in your video can seem like a daunting task. We’re highlighting music resources that make the process easier. 

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Lighting & Sound

Video lighting tips and tricks for your next at-home shoot

Whether you want to look great for your next Zoom call or just shoot a new video, it's easy to improve your video lighting with these tips.

Video Creation

How to make a video on your phone

Want to make videos but don’t have professional camera equipment? We have great news. The solution is probably in your pocket.

Shooting & Gear

How to make a DIY tripod for less than $5

A quick trip to the hardware store and a couple bucks can get you steady shots on a budget. We'll show you how, here.

Lighting & Sound

Quick tips: How to get great audio without a recorder

Don't have a microphone to capture sound with? Fear not, our phones make great audio recorders. We'll show you the basics.


The difference between subtitles and captions

Captions and subtitles allow your videos to reach a wider, global audience. Here are the ins and outs of what makes them different, and equally useful.

Video for Business

How to do video advertising...without the ads

If you have a business, you should be creating videos regularly. Here's how to begin promoting your stuff.

Shooting & Gear

The top tips for traveling with your camera gear

It"s important to stay organized and in control of your equipment while on the road. Here"s how to travel with ease.

Shooting & Gear

How to establish your shots and orient your audience

Do you know where you are? You"re in the jungle, baby! ...Right? I missed the establishing shot and now I"m confused.


We all make mistakes! Understand + reduce continuity errors

Most films are riddled with tiny mistakes known as continuity errors. Learn how to identify — and avoid! — these pesky things.

Video for Business

Fund your film: how to make a successful crowdfunding video

The nets helps with film funding, but — alas! — most crowdfunding projects fail. Here's how to up the odds of reaching your goal.


Make a video resume people actually want to watch, pt. 3

You"ve shot awesome footage for your video resume. But it looks much awesomer when it"s edited.

Vimeo Video School

Make a video resume people actually want to watch, pt. 2

In my last post, I delved into pre-production. Now, I"m sharing tips from my Skillshare class on how to shoot your video resume.