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Mark Cersosimo

Mark is a video producer and pizza eater. In his spare time, he’s very handsome. Owls and kale freak him out.

Lighting & Sound

Video lighting tips and tricks for your next at-home shoot

Whether you want to look great for your next Zoom call or just shoot a new video, it's easy to improve your video lighting with these tips.

Video Creation

How to make a video on your phone

Want to make videos but don’t have professional camera equipment? We have great news. The solution is probably in your pocket.

Share your videos with the world.*

*Or just your team

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Shooting & Gear

How to make a DIY tripod for less than $5

A quick trip to the hardware store and a couple bucks can get you steady shots on a budget. We'll show you how, here.

Lighting & Sound

Quick tips: How to get great audio without a recorder

Don't have a microphone to capture sound with? Fear not, our phones make great audio recorders. We'll show you the basics.


Creating export presets in Adobe Premiere

Presets will significantly speed up your post-production workflow. This Video School lesson shows you how to do export those settings in Adobe Premiere.


How to cut your clip in Final Cut Pro X

If you want to remove footage from your clip in Final Cut Pro X, and you don’t want to adjust its duration, the Blade tool is handy, any way you slice it.


The difference between subtitles and captions

Captions and subtitles allow your videos to reach a wider, global audience. Here are the ins and outs of what makes them different, and equally useful.


How to stabilize your shot in Final Cut Pro X

If your handheld camera footage turns out shaky, you can still stabilize your shot in Final Cut Pro X. Here's how to do it.


Music resources for your videos

Finding music you can use legally in your video can seem like a daunting task. We’re highlighting music resources for you to make the process less risky, more affordable, and even a bit easier! 


What to include in your shot list

As a follow-up to our shot list building lesson, this glossary of essential shot list terms will set your production up for success.


Everything you need to build a great shot list

Our video team offers up shot list best practices (and our downloadable shot list template!) for building the perfect shooting schedule.


How to reverse a video clip in Final Cut Pro X

Reversing a clip in final cut pro is a great technique to simulate a rewind effect, or change the direction of a moving object. This Video School lesson show you how to do it.


How to create a freeze frame in Final Cut Pro X

Adding a freeze frame to your video in Final Cut Pro X is a quick and simple task. This Vimeo Video School tutorial shows you how to do it in just a few steps.


How to sync your audio in Final Cut Pro X

In just a few simple steps, this lesson shows you how to sync your audio to your video in Final Cut Pro X.