One of the great rewards of making video is knowing that your audience is engaging with the content you’re creating. But beyond some creative intuition and guesswork, it’s tough to dig into precisely where your videos are most successful, and, alternately, where you’re losing viewers. Analytics are our answer to helping you identify how to improve your videos and reach even more people.

Today we’re excited to announce a few analytics features we’ve rolled out that bring a deeper insight into how people are watching your videos. This data is now available to all Plus and above members.

Here’s what’s new:

1. Engagement graphs

We revamped our engagement graphs to make them even more useful. You now get a second-by-second look at what parts of your video your audience watched, and how that translates into viewer retention. That means you can now identify how long your audience watched your video, if your 10-second intro is negatively affecting engagement, who is engaging with your high budget shots, and you can even pinpoint the precise moments where people left your video. 

2. Filtering engagement graphs

Beyond engagement graphs, you dig even deeper into user specifics and behaviors. In the Video Report of Advanced Analytics, you have a suite of features to investigate user behavior. You can filter engagement by region, device, and source for each one of your videos. This type of feature can help clarify how engaging your product demo was, who’s watching your entire brand story, and if you’re more popular on mobile or desktop.

3. Reach metrics

Reach metrics are critical to truly understanding your audience, because they distinguish the actual individuals behind your view count. We measure reach with two unique variables: viewers and impressions. Viewers are the sum of people who pressed play on your video from distinct devices. Impressions are the total number of people that watched your video when they loaded up a page with Vimeo’s player. These metrics can lean into whether or not your 100 views are from 100 distinct people, whether or not your audience is growing, and exactly which traffic sources are driving repeat views — all which can help you iterate on your video distribution strategy.

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