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Collaboration, meet efficiency: a new way to review videos

Vimeo Staff
January 18, 2017 by Vimeo Staff Staff

Update: now you can add time-coded notes on mobile browsers, too — so it’s easier than ever to review videos, wherever you may be. We made this change because of your feedback, so thanks as always for taking things for a spin, telling us what you like (and what we can build upon), and helping us perfect our products.

You put videos out into the world. But before you’re ready to publish them, you likely need to share rough cuts with your reviewers, and collect their feedback. That’s where our all-new video review pages come in. Now you can click anywhere on a video to add a note, and incorporate review seamlessly into your entire video workflow — all on Vimeo, all included in your Vimeo PRO or Business membership. 

Need a client to give you scene-specific feedback? Want to let your freelance filmmaker know about some weird coloring on a particular scene? Go for it! It’s simple to share videos securely with reviewers, who can click directly on the video to add time-coded notes. And you can say sayonara to costly third-party services and endless email chains: we’ve got your video-making process covered from start to finish, saving you both time and dollars.

How it works

Streamlined collaboration, unlimited reviewers
Let’s say you’ve uploaded your rough cut to Vimeo.

Now when you click the “Review page” button on your video page, you’ll be taken to a sleek, easy-to-use page, which allows you and your reviewers to focus on the task at hand. Share the private link with as many reviewers as you choose, who can instantly start offering feedback.

And if you want an unbranded video review page, that’s no problem: you can opt to remove the Vimeo logo right from your settings.

Add time-coded notes, right in the video
Once reviewers land on the page, they can click directly on a frame, anywhere in the video, to leave feedback in a time-coded note. You can also treat notes as “to-dos” to remind yourself to come back to them later, and check them off when they’re resolved. 

Reply to feedback in real time  
You and other reviewers can respond to feedback in real time by hitting “Reply” on individual notes — whether you’re in different offices or even different countries.

Seamless publishing and sharing
Once you’ve incorporated all the feedback, upload your new cut to Vimeo to share it with the world, or just with the people you choose.

But video review pages are just one of the myriad tools at your disposal: PRO and Business members enjoy features like advanced privacy and the ability to add team members to their accounts and choose permissions. Vimeo Business also comes with up to 5TB of storage, Google Analytics integration for in-depth video stats, email capture in the player … the list goes on and on. See all the benefits now and start diving into all the powerful tools available.

We’ll be adding even more features to our video review pages soon to make your video workflow even smoother. Have feedback? Go ahead, leave a review for us in the comments.


Vertical Online PRO

Cheers, guys. Looking forward to working this into our review + post workflow.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

@verticalonline Thanks! After you've tested out the new tools in your review and post workflow, please let us know if you have any suggestions. Thanks for using Vimeo!

Tamarcus Brown Plus

Once again you guys late. I love Vimeo and the content from filmmakers, but you guys should of had this review service 4 years ago. I'm starting to notice that Vimeo is like Canon and needs to be more like Panasonic and give the filmmakers tools they can use. Come on better.

- TB

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hey Tamarcus,

We've actually had review pages for quite some time now, this is just the latest revision! If you upgrade to PRO or Business check it out and let us know what you think. We're always happy to hear feedback and improve!

San Diego Video Pros PRO

What does this do with your relationship with Wipster? Is there a roadmap for more "Wipster-esque" features?

Josiah Spencer PRO

It would be great to have one link with multiple videos to Review. A combo of Portfolio page, and Review pages.

Digital Media @ Newcastle PRO

Completely agree! I have a number of videos to send to a client and love using the portfolio to do this, but cannot access the review links from here!

ernieshots PRO

I want to share a single video, without collaboration comments, and without links to any other video in my account. How? I don't like this new feature if it cannot be controlled.

ernieshots PRO

Does Hiding the Notes, but enabling the Review page get back to where we used to be?

WorkByRemedy PRO

i need the same thing as well. review pages without the ability to click notes all over the place... i need the option to go back to no notes. i hate having revision conversations that way. the video is where it is... email me your notes.

super8ireland PRO

Totally agree with this
It will be brilliant to have a Wipster type review for those clients with small projects, but for the majority of projects, giving them too many choices would be like opening Pandora's box.
Please allow us to make it available or not.
Even a workaround like ?review=1 at the end of the video would work.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

You can deactivate notes on your review page by switching off comments in your video settings. Click the Settings button beneath the player on your regular video page and navigate to the Privacy tab. Below the heading “Who can comment on this video?” select “No one” and hit Save.


I deactivated notes on the review page, but my clients are receiving popup instructions for using this feature. Why is Vimeo advertising a feature that I don't want made available?

ernieshots PRO

Agree with you, but checking to see if you set who can comment to nobody? I had thought this was working for me.

Bill L Elias PRO

Is there, or will there be, a function to import comments onto my Adobe Premiere sequence timeline, the way Wipster does? This feature saves much hassle for the editor.

super8ireland PRO

1- I second that. Frame io type integration is important.
2- sort out the notifications on comment with a daily digest option, as multiple emails create too much clutter.
3- The export panel in Adobe Premiere doesn't allow to choose our own preferences (for low res for example). This is also crucial.

Lunapark Film PRO

It looks good as an idea but i couldn't find how to add reviewer on video?
Help me please :)

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @lunaparkfilm! You are actually allowed **unlimited** reviewers on your Vimeo review page. Anyone who you share your review page link with will be able to leave time-coded notes.

If the reviewer is logged in to Vimeo, their name and profile picture will be associated with their notes. If the person leaving feedback doesn’t have a Vimeo account, all they have to do is provide a name when they leave a note on your review page.

BSI Videos PRO

i don't have it yet on my screen. Is this a phased rollout for UK customers? Also is this going to replace Wipster's functionality?

super8ireland PRO

Now that Wipster's prices have skyrocketed to absurd levels, hopefully Vimeo will step in to offer similar functionality with adobe marker integration affordably (like
@digicineman , timecode integration is the key really, otherwise it is too time consuming to use.

Metropolis Films London

Hi guys! This is great as an additional tool to your already awesome service, greatly appreciated. Are there plans to integrate and add a plugin for editing software, similar to Wipster? We'd love to have feedback direct to timeline and vice versa.


Anthony Miles PRO

Awesome! Really want true timecode integration to and from the source timeline/sequence and xml export for adobe premiere pro so it can drop/sync the notes into the timeline and go. Thanks! Exciting.

Rachel Goldberg Staff

Appreciate the feedback and suggestions, @digicineman — I'm sharing this with the right people here so we can keep trucking away and making improvements!


Premiere Pro integration coming soon? I hate how glitchy and slow Wipster is. And their Premiere integration doesn't work most of the time. Would definitely pay extra if Vimeo offered this feature and did it better.


Yes, is there a Premiere panel underway? That would really be lovely. Is there a way to export the lists of comments (as to do lists?)

Rachel Goldberg Staff

Hey @goldenrealm and @folikela: thanks for your thoughts — we've definitely noted the integration request, and I've passed this feedback along to the right people on product here. I'll also share the request to export notes with them.

Edgard Regard PRO

Well, well, well... That's a great start, Vimeo!
Nevertheless, all these first comments are mentioning something we all are sensible about. WE, people that are going to use this function, really need an import/export method for all these notes.

Furthermore, Vimeo would improve its professional and student usability if it would allow more Time-Coded text in the Comments panel (the one that is nowadays right underneath each video) which allow any user to go directly to the moment the MM:SS is indicating. At least Pro and/or Business accounts should be able to add as many Time-Coded text notes in this comment text-box underneath the videos.

Congratulations! This shall be the beginning of a new full of possibilities platform for students and professionals!

Rachel Goldberg Staff

Thanks for your feedback about importing and exporting, @edgardregard. I'll share this with our product teams. Per your other questions, I'm going to have someone follow up directly to better understand the use case you're speaking about.

Edgard Regard PRO

Thank you Rachel. From my side, I'll be glad to collaborate as much as I can.

Norman Hollyn PRO


Completely agree with Edgard. I think that an export function for notes (with frame clips from the time coded location) are totally necessary. I'd go for 1) PDF export with the frame grabs, 2) Excel export, and 3) XML or other export list which can be imported into Avid, Final Cut, and Premiere as markers.


We don't allow comments, so our videos won't have notes either. So why does a pop-up come up and talk about notes anyway, even though the video clearly says notes are disabled?

Can we get rid of the pop-up? It's going to be confusing and irritating to viewers who need to click through the pop-up even though they aren't allowed access that feature!


Agreed. Vimeo shouldn't invasively advertise a service that I've disabled. Already been a major problem. Also, as PRO members, why do we now have to disable the Vimeo logo every time for every review page. Off by default for PRO!

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi! Thanks for the feedback, and we completely agree. We pushed a change on Friday afternoon so the pop-up doesn't appear if you have comments disabled on your review page.

Remco Hekker PRO

Haha, Had you send this email one week earlier, I would probably not have stopped my pro-account. Now, I'll probably go Pro again with the first project that's coming up.


That INSTRUCTIONAL POPUP is a problem! I disabled notes, and sent this review page for client review. Vimeo doesn't need to interrupt and confuse that process by advertising that feature (that I can't use for most of my deliveries). If I don't want to use notes, then don't tell my clients about notes, please!

I've got a couple suggestions:

1. Set the Vimeo logo option to off by default. I'm a PRO member. I shouldn't have to disable this every time, please. Also, it's the only setting change in the "gear". Why?

2. Offer the ability to change the banner, background, and text colors.

3. Put the download button back. What used to actually say "DOWNLOAD". I like what Vimeo has done with the arrow, but clients are going to be calling saying "How do I download?" People just don't look, and freak out way too fast. I'm going to suffer for this, I know it. Maybe add that the DOWNLOAD button option to settings.


Please turn off the Vimeo logo by default. I have hundreds of videos that I now have to manually turn off the Vimeo logo as a result of this update. I'm a PRO member, and as such, have paid for the logo free display. This is an invasive problem. Please advise.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @keylegalvideo – thanks for your feedback. We've disabled the pop-up for review pages with comments disabled. Our product team plans to release an account-wide setting to remove the Vimeo logo from the review page soon. We'll post an update in our forums when this change is live.

Montage Plus

This looks awesome! We'd love to implement it in our web app, but it would be more for time-coded commenting than a "reviewing". My questions are:
1) Can you embed the video review player on a different page?
2) Must reviewers be invited via private link, or can it be open to all?

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @montageapp – good questions! You can't embed the video review player on a different page, since time-coded note lives in a feed on the right side of the review page, not in the video. Reviewers don't need to be invited – anyone you give the private link to will be able to leave notes.

Core Creative Plus

Will all of the work in progress be seen to me the organizer with the public content? One thing I like about a separate review platform is it helps in the organization process not seeing all the videos but either work in progress or finished files.

Also sub folders to organize projects, that is a great thing to have and a complaint of a current platform?

Can you revoke privileges? That's a nice thing to have.

I assume there's versioning?


Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @corecreative! Thanks for the sub-folder suggestion, I've made a note of that to share with our product team. We don't have versioning yet, and currently anyone you share the review page with link will be able to leave notes, so you can't revoke access. I'm not 100% sure what you mean by your first question, but if you upload a video to Vimeo that you intend to only share for review, you can set that video to any privacy setting to hide it from the public while still being able to share your private review page link with others.

Wycliffe USA PRO

This is great and very nearly makes paying for a Wipster account pointless because all needed functionality (for us) is within Vimeo. One point of feedback, not super convenient to get a separate email for every comment made by a reviewer... Would be great to have a daily or even hourly compilation option.


Hi Vimeo! Congrats on finally rolling this out! A few suggestions:

-Add the requirement to 'invite' and specify reviewers via email (usually clients) so that if a video is open to all, only those 'reviewer invitees' are able to leave timecoded notes and on-screen comments. Then at least there is an associated email so that they can be sent updates when either one of their notes has been addressed or replied to. Some notes may need questions/clarifications, and if that reviewers isn't notified, then it may slow down the review process.

-One of the biggest problems in any review process is too many cooks in the kitchen. It would be ideal to be able to assign a specific reviewer in an organization as the 'Lead Contact', after which any comment from another team/group member would be put into a queue for the lead contact to review and approve before that comment being posted to the review site. Streamlines the process and removes headaches for the editor!



Great feature. Can you brwnd the page with your own logo? That would be a basic need. Thank you!

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @losangelesvideoproductio – thanks for the feedback! Though there isn't an approve button on the review page, there is a checkmark associated with each time-coded note. Clicking the checkmark with resolve the note by striking out the text.


This is not working for me. I've added an email I want to send to, selected the email, checked the captcha, but when I click the Send button nothing happens.

Bold Content PRO

Love the new review tool. It's a great addition. If I may offer a few suggestions for the future:
The ability to mark in and out points with a coloured bar would be very useful. So a client could mark an in point at the beginning of one section of the video and an out point at the end, mark it green and leave a comment saying 'Please remove the green section.' This would negate the use of un clear comments such as 'cut here' 'to here'.
Also, Premiere integration would be awesome.
Sub folders to help organise client work would be useful.
And an easy way to switch back to the old 'Preview' mode would be lovely.
Thanks to the clever folks who made this happen. It should make life much easier. television PRO

Hi Vimeo,
Great feature, well done. Question: will the viewer also need to be a Vimeo Pro/Plus/Business subscriber in order to make notes? If not, that would limit its functionality for broadcast content producers like ourselves, as most/all of our Commissioning Editors would not have Vimeo accounts of their own and would probably not be allowed to their Broadcaster employer's Vimeo account for a purpose such as this...

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi Tom – happy to hear you like the new features! Reviewers aren't limited by subscription tier, or even whether they have a Vimeo account. Any person you share your review page link with will be able to leave time-coded notes. If the reviewer is logged in to Vimeo, their name and profile picture will be associated with their notes. If the person leaving feedback doesn’t have a Vimeo account, all they have to do is provide a name when they leave a note on your review page. television PRO

Hi Suri, thanks for getting back. That's good to know; this is definitely a tool that I can see us using a lot! Regards, Tom.

Gudjon Jonsson PRO

Can one draw in ?
Most online video review software I have been working with has a draw-on feature.
We use it to point out small comp mistakes, create instruction about sizes of different things and placement of others.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @gudjon! Currently, you can't draw on the video frame. You can, however, choose the exact point in the video frame with which your time-coded note is associated. I've logged your suggestion to share with our product team, though!

dave patterson PRO

Hi. I'm a bit late to the party and maybe this has already been addressed, but...
Is there a way to post a video for review, receive comments from the client, do the revisions and replace the old video with a new version without losing the comments? This may be helpful when clients want to reference their previous comments to insure revisions were done.

WIFR Creative Services PRO

When I asked support, you can go into your video's settings and upload the new file and the comments *should* stay.

That said, what I'd love to see is a reflection that there's a v1, v2, v3, etc.

Jeremy Pack

Hi Vimeo. This is cool. I've actually built the exact same thing (it's even written in React). Check out Works with Vimeo and YouTube videos. Would love to chat to you guys about ideas and explore any collaborative possibilities! Email me -

Munjoy Hill Media

Love it! Would love if you were able to print comments and/or create stl files.

Ryan Rodinis PRO

Versioning. This is most important.
Smart exporting of comments/tasks. Or even integration with NLE's.

Creative Media Alliance PRO

A feature that would be great to have is the ability to send a client to an Album that contains multiple review pages. Currently the Albums only contain videos with no way of accessing review pages. We have to send those as individual links. The ability to track multiple versions of a video would be very helpful as well.


Do the client who reviews has to be a Pro Member or even a Dropbox users

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi – No, your reviewers don't need to be PRO members or dropbox users. They actually don't even need a Vimeo account. If a reviewer views your review page without being logged in to Vimeo, they have the option to leave their notes under a name they provide.

Melissa Lyons Alum

I'm sooo late to this love fest but this is SUCH A DOPE UPDATE OMG YOU GUYS


Is there a way to get notifications when notes are added to the video review? So we can get notified when someone adds a note.

Rendering House PRO

Ditto. It looks like only owner can get notifications. The feedback loop incomplete renders comment/review somewhat useless. If every comment has to be forwarded from owner to each contributor then those additional members are not really part of a team....

Norman Hollyn PRO

I agree with everyone who thinks that an export function for notes (with frame clips from the time coded location) are totally necessary.

I'd go for 1) PDF export with the frame grabs, 2) Excel export, and 3) XML or other export list which can be imported into Avid, Final Cut, and Premiere as markers.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi Norman – thank you for the feedback about exporting time-coded notes. This is definitely something that is on our product team's radar! We'll post an update here when we have one.

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