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Drive engagement with new video interaction tools

Vimeo Staff
May 31, 2017 by Vimeo Staff Staff

Connecting with viewers is a beautiful thing: it means you’re telling your story, reaching more humans, and growing your brand. That’s why we’re oh-so excited to release all-new interaction tools, which include:

  • Updated end screens for Vimeo Plus, PRO, and Business members let you customize what appears after your video, and drive even more engagement with call-to-action buttons.
  • Mobile-friendly cards let Vimeo Business members link viewers to any destination they choose, at any point in their video. These were designed to elevate the video and encourage viewers to engage with the cards.
  • Email capture forms help Vimeo Business members generate leads, whether it’s before, during, or after their video.

How it works

The controls for these tools live in a video’s Embed settings, but if you’re in need of some directions:

  1. Go to your Videos page
  2. Click or tap the Settings icon for any video
  3. Head to the video’s Embed settings

The “Interaction tools” section is at the bottom of the right sidebar. You’ll get a live preview of your video, so you can see what your changes will look like as you make them.

Customizable end screens

End screens come with eight customizable options, all designed to engage your audience. We encourage you to just hop in and play around with them, but if you want even more knowledge, our blog article has everything you need to know about end screens.

Email capture everywhere

Vimeo Business members can now put email capture forms at any point before, during, or after each video. You can also give your viewers the options to opt out of it, if you so choose. As with cards and calls to action, you can include a message to match the tone of your video, brand, or campaign. These expanded customizations give Vimeo Business members more sophisticated ways to drive engagement and generate quality leads. (And as always, you can sync the emails you collect with Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Campaign Monitor, or Constant Contact.)

Brand-new cards

Then there’s the all-new cards — or links to custom destinations — built just for Vimeo Business members. Vimeo’s unobtrusive, notification-style cards let you boost engagement without distracting your viewers, and the sleek, organic design perfectly pairs with the player. You can insert as many cards as you need, to any page you want, at any point in your embedded video.

Each card starts with a headline, and you can add a link, description, and thumbnail, too. They’re perfect for linking to your website, merch pages, crowdfunding campaigns, or you can just use the card as a helpful little note to give context to your video.

And since mobile traffic makes up the majority of video views, and social media is an ever-growing portion of that, we optimized cards for embedding on iOS, Android, Facebook, Twitter, everywhere. Meaning, these tools offer a super impactful, super phone-friendly marketing solution, built just for brands and businesses.

Putting it all together

When it comes to having control over every detail of embedded videos, it’s important to us because it’s important to our creators. We want things to be as easy and effective as possible, which is why we’ve updated the video stats page to include impression and engagement stats for your interaction tools.

Phew! That’s a lot of us talking. Now, it’s all back to you: start customizing away, generating more leads, and growing your business. Not a Plus, PRO, or Business member? It’s easy to get started. And as always, if you have any suggestions, consider our ears lent and send us your thoughts.


Josh Andrew Cook Plus

Hmm...I'm not seeing the Interaction Tools at the bottom of my settings page of any of the videos in my Plus account just yet...but maybe they need another day to propagate over to me. Excited to see it though!!! Real game-changer.

Shannon O Premium

Hey Josh! Sounds like you might not be on your embed settings page. From your video settings page, click the tab "Embed" on the left, and then look to the bottom right of your screen. You should see a section called "Interaction Tools." Let me know if you have any trouble!

Shannon O Premium

Hey there! Make sure you look in your embed settings page. From your video settings page, click the tab "Embed" on the left, and then look to the bottom right of your screen. You should see a section called "Interaction Tools." Let me know if that works for you! PRO

Only for business.
As a Pro user - I feel dissapointed

Shannon O Premium

Hey there! As a PRO member, you've now got updated end screens that let you customize what appears after your video. Head to the embed settings of any of your videos to check this out! From your video settings page, click the tab "Embed" on the left, and then look to the bottom right of your screen. You should see a section called "Interaction Tools."

With Business, you also gain the ability to add cards and email capture at any point in your videos. Let me know if you have other questions!

Nathaniel J Thompson Plus

You've just stated the obvious! We know what PRO members can and can't use. It doesn't make the disappointment go away though. Customising what comes after is great, but not as great as the other two features that we are locked out of.

Bureau of Stories PRO

Totally agree. I am very disappointed too. If vimeo would just keep the lead generation for business accounts exclusive that is what I could agree on. But all other features should be FREE of course.

S4E Media PRO

The instructions don't make sense here. It appears that ALL the functions for interaction tools for any sort of control after the video plays, are NOW only available for business NOT Pro users. Am I right?

XOXO Wedding Studio PRO

These are SO slick. I have been waiting for this for a while and they look better then I could have imagined. thx Vimeo team!

Shannon O Premium

Thanks for the kinds words! If you have any feedback after using the new tools, please let us know.

Mood PRO

So, is the end screen the only video interaction tool available to plus and pro members?

Shannon O Premium

Hey there! While PRO members don't have access to cards and email capture, you do have updated end screen options. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Shannon O Premium

Thanks, George! We'd love to know your thoughts once you've given the new features a try!

Shannon O Premium

Hi there! I don't think we offer quite the features you're looking for, but you could technically link to the same video with a timestamp to a different point in the video. This would cause the page to reload, but the video would start playing at the time you've specified it to.

With that said, if you're viewing the video in a mobile app, tapping on a card will bring you to the point in the video where that card appears.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have more questions!

Advantis Communications PRO

Thanks for the quick reply! Can you elaborate what you mean by "you could technically link to the same video with a timestamp to a different point in the video" ? Thx!

Jamie Shaw

I want this functionality too!

Basically, I want to create a tutorial video whereby a chapter index appears after a set time. The viewer can then jump to a particular section of the video by hitting a card link. I know this could be done by splitting it in to multiple videos, but that's not what we want.

While I'm at it... an extra feature that will optionally pause the video while the link is displayed on the screen.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @advantiscomm, hi Jamie – Unfortunately, I don't think the new cards functionality is a viable workaround for chaptering. Cards are only available on the embedded Vimeo player, so while you could add a card with a link to the 10 second mark in the same video (by adding #t=10s to the end your video URL in your card), it would open the video page, where cards are not visible. Here's an example:

You can, however, add timestamps to your video descriptions on that link to that spot in the video without reloading the page. For example:

I hope that explanation helps! I've made note of the chaptering feature and your use cases for it to share with our product team.

Nudge Marketing PRO

These are great new tools. Is Ontraport on your list of ESP's to be added for the email syncing?

Shannon O Premium

Thanks for the question! I'm passing your request along to our product team to see what we can do.

Nudge Marketing PRO

Awesome. Here's hoping :) - I'm one of their Certified Consultants, have just asked in the group how many use Vimeo with a link to this page.

Kit Laughlin PRO

It is a pity that email capture is not available for PRO members: we have supported you from the very early days. Vimeo makes plenty of money from my channel. I would like you to consider making emails capture available for PRO members too.

For our two-person company (we do everything from concept to shooting, editing, uploading, etc.) the Business plan does not make sense financially; clearly from a weekly storage perspective and number of people who can access the account, the Business plan is intended for businesses much larger than ours. The email capture feature is needed by everyone who uses Vimeo, and other platforms offer this. Any suggestions? Can your sales department make a Custom plan that is in between PRO and Business for us?

Rhynell Williams

I agree this should be a standard feature for pro members. I'm a one person company.
This is one reason I changed my membership.


Exactly! I feel like being forced to switch to Business only for that one email feature. Everything else is useless for me. I am just one person making tutorials.


Completely agree! The Business plan is literally triple the cost of the Pro membership simply to access this one great feature. Vimeo, can you please find a happy medium for all your loyal small business creatives!

Room58 PRO

Couldn't agree more. Very disappointed this isn't available for PRO users considering how long we've paid for an account with Vimeo.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi all – Thanks for your thoughts. We've added new end screen options for PRO members to help drive engagement, while email capture is intended to best serve brands, which is what we built Vimeo Business for. But it's really helpful to hear what else may make a difference for you, and I'll be certain to share these thoughts with our product and marketing teams.

Ed Rogers

Not sure if Vimeo is disregarding their core users contributions? Email capture should be available to everyone who has paid. Although I've been a member for years I have no need for more than the minimum so I don't pay but I do sympathize with and champion the small studio with limited budgets and resources but a galaxy of creativity and ideas. It's not the "big" companies who built vimeo by uploading their content it's the small and single shooters who created this company. Imagine if all of those users took their content somewhere else? Don't make the mistake of overlooking how you got here because there's always that "other" upstart waiting in the wings to scoop up unhappy users!

Xpeditions, Inc. Premium

I agree with everyone's comments. This email capture is great for a small business (or large too I suppose... But I'm not a large business!). Business already gets quality spiffs for the extra costs. However, we small operators helped build Vimeo. Something like this (email capture) would help us grow! C'mon Vimeo... Figure out something else for the big boys. We who struggle to survive could certainly use this little feature toward our further success.

Kit Laughlin PRO

Capturing email addresses is as basic as it gets, in terms of needed functionality. And we all have brands—no matter how big or small you are.

So, for me, and clearly for many members here, email capture is a core functionality, not an add-on. And I agree strongly with the others here that Vimeo has got to where it is now on our backs. Add email capture to any paid membership, please: this is reasonable.

I should add that the other two features are of no interest to me, either: if I want cards, I can do that with FCPX as I go, and the way I embed my videos, both here and on my site, means the end screen option is not important either.

Capturing emails is.

SlumpMedia Productions PRO

I agree also. Those features Links, cards and email must be standard and available for PRO users. To pay more than double for this is not reasonable. Come on Vimeo....

Shannon O Premium

Hi all -- we truly appreciate your feedback. As Suri touched on, email capture is part of a suit of tools we created for users who have more robust marketing needs for their business. With that said, many of you are long-time Vimeo subscribers, and we do not take your words lightly. I'm working with Suri to ensure your feedback is heard by our product and marketing teams.

Adventure Well Media Plus

I agree. I've got several Pro accounts, and a Plus and have stood behind Vimeo since the early days. Having better email capture tools are a game changer, but I'm a one (Canadian) man shop and can't shell out those US Dollars simply to get an email address. C'mon, Vimeo - stay ahead of Facebook and YouTube and give these tools to anyone who pays. Besides, you're now collecting data, and that's the currency that counts, right?

D-Light Films Plus

Hi, I agree with all comments above! As a one person company already paying €900 per year for Adobe CC , it is too much for me to keep up with this kind of expenses.

Barry Friedman PRO

WHOA!!! That's really cool. Would love to see email capture for Pro members. I can't justify the Business level.

Shannon O Premium

Hi folks! Thanks so much for your feedback. While we've focused our marketing tool offerings (including email capture) on our Business users, I'll be sure to pass your words along to our product and marketing teams.


Can I sell multiple training courses on a monthly subscription basis? Each course would contain multiple videos - people could either subscribe to one course or the entire library using two different pricing schemes?


Oh, and can I brand it with my own brand and not show Vimeo anywhere?

Shannon O Premium

Hi @billkerbox! I'd be happy to provide more information for you. Can you clarify your question a bit for me? Are you asking if cards work on mobile? If so, the answer is yes! They appear below the video player, and you can scan through various cards to skip to the point in the video where that card appears.


It would be nice to have available such tools (maybe downgraded) for regular members as well.

Shannon O Premium

Hi @falexandru - thanks for your feedback! While we don't offer this at the moment, I'll be sure to let our product and marketing team know what you wrote.

KeeResources PRO

Is there any way the Call To Action button can *not* open up the destination URL in a new tab/window?

Tim Bormans

Will these cards also be available in the API? For example if I would want to show them next to the video on my own website instead of in the video itself?

Shannon O Premium

Hi @por! At the moment, these tools are currently not available on our API, but I'll be sure to share your request with our product team to consider.

Shannon O Premium

Hey there! Currently, these tools are currently not available on our API, but I'll be sure to share your request with our product team to consider.

ZeroLight PRO

I would be interesting in even more interactive options. A bit like especially tracking elements with a hot spot/link and the opportunity to create none-linear story branding

RMS Media Group PRO

As a PRO user, I see the interaction tools in my Embed settings and can customize the end screen. However, even after I set everything the way I want and save it, the end screen doesn't show at the end of the video when I play it. Can anyone help?

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @rmsmedia – Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Are you not seeing the end screen appear when your video is embedded or are you not seeing the end screen on your video's page? All Embed settings, including end screens, only apply to embedded videos, so any of the customization you make do not apply to the on-site version of your videos.

Warner Vision PRO

The customise end screen doesn't seem to work when the video is in a portfolio. Is this correct?

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @warnervision – Actually, the new end screens should work in a portfolios. If you have an example of it not working, please let me know. You can also contact us via our Help Center (

Kwapy Plus

Not related to above. I still cannot figure out how people are to find my videos.
Does everyone have to sign up for vimeo? And I can't find where to ask for help.
No phone numbers that I've found. Kwaptv

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

HI @kwapy – Viewers do not need to sign up for a Vimeo account to watch videos. If you're having any issues, please visit our Help Center ( and click the "Contact us" tab at the top of the page.

Kwapy Plus

Suri Ratnatunga How about a phone number. You do not answer my question or problem. I've been to Help Center multiple times and find nothing helpful--or that I understand since net people talk netese without explanations. Phone number will be able to answer my problem. Are phones verboten? Kwapy Like now I don't know how to send this and know it is sent.


Keep going! i'm glad vimeo made a New feature!!!! Don't settle.


yeah i need a help from you guyz

Shannon O Premium

Hi there! If you're having any issues, please visit our Help Center ( and click the "Contact us" tab at the top of the page.

Eusebio Isaac Wachira Munene Plus

Ok. I know it sounds like a chorus....but I am adding my voice too. What the other Pro members have pointed out above on email capture is so true. We need this feature.

Abhishek Hans

Hello! I'm a Vimeo Plus member. The end screen 'call to action' URL button doesn't direct to the right page as it's supposed to do! Is this working/not working for anyone else?

Shannon O Premium

Hi @abshans! Sorry to hear you're having an issue with your end screen. Could you please contact us through our Help Center? We'd like to make sure you connect with one of our specialists to resolve any issue. You can reach us by logging in and clicking "Contact us" at this page:

Shannon O Premium

Hi there, I'd love to help out - can you please explain your question a little more for me?

Aeyaz Plus

I just updated my end screens with my plus account. But the same video still shows the regular watch again and add to collections frame. No clue about this.

Shannon O Premium

Hi @aeyaz! It sounds like you might be watching your video on-site at These tools are only available on our embedded player, so in order to see your custom embeds you'll either need to create a portfolio or embed your player in another site. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Matt Blum

This is really great guys! Excited to see it work!

Dana Pharant PRO

Are those the only email platforms that integrate with this fantastic feature? What about clickfunnels or 17Hats?

Shannon O Premium

Hi there! At the moment, we're integrated with Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact. I'm passing your request about clickfunnels and 17Hats along to our product team to consider!

mamie sharrieff

thanks sorry for no response been feeling bad thanks shannon

Javier Alvarez PRO

Looks awesome. Will these work with videos played through a Vimeo Portfolio page - or only if they are embedded into another site?

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