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Ep.1: Welcome to Mastering Mobile Video

Andrea Allen
June 18, 2014 by Andrea Allen PRO

That phone you’re always tapping and swiping? Yeah, it’s also a powerful video camera. In this Vimeo Video School series, you’ll learn how to shoot better videos using only the technology in your pocket.

We’ll reveal the secrets behind:
• Best practices for shooting on mobile devices
• Working with light
• Capturing audio
• Shot composition
• Storytelling
• Uploading to Vimeo
• Tons of other legitimately mind-blowing stuff

Up next : Ep. 2: Best Practices

  1. Make beautiful and shareable videos on your phone — it’s ridiculously simple.
  2. 2.
    With just a few technical adjustments, your mobile videos will look better than ever.
  3. 3.
    Get smart with sunbeams and artsy with artificial light to make your subjects pop.
  4. 4.
    External mics are cool, but you know what else is cool? We’ll tell you.
  5. 5.
    Sidle up to shooting, framing, and the rule of thirds.
  6. 6.
    Get up close and personal with close-up, medium, and wide shots.
  7. 7.
    Learn simple storytelling techniques and the art of the narrative arc.
  8. 8.
    Behind every good story, there lies a good plan. Make a shot list!
  9. 9.
    Don’t bury your mobile masterpiece in your camera roll — share it with the world!
  10. 10.
    Mobile shooting is incredibly convenient, but sometimes a little gear can go a long way to improving your videos.



this is so great! and I like your vimeo building :P

Vijay Bah

HTC ONE M8 is very popular now .i will be keenly interested to join the course if you can help me to get started with using HTC ONE. Mobile phone

pakhtoon wali khan

i dont anderstand what you teach me plice make ezei to watch vadiv iam warking with coputer

Sharon Todd

Really enjoyed it , look forward to the next one.


great work!

Valentin Rosciano

hahahha excellent guy!! i will see all the clasess... i saw the first one..

George Bumiller

This is of interest to me, as well. I just see 'uploading' in Ep. 9, but no mention of streaming.

Dr. Party

Awesome video Andrea! Keep up the great work.

Jo Fergus

That intro video was pretty fluffy and pointless...


Agreed. But I still like Andrea.

Diemo Schwarz

DONT WATCH THIS! You'll be loosing 3:45 of your precious time on earth for almost no information and a big fail in trrying too hard to be funny.

Time Lord

Funny , just the word Interneters in the email caught my attention Andrea.

Action Media Business

Pretty much as bad and boring as you can get.... the last 15 seconds is pretty good.

Max Glaser

Jrez, whatva lame Vid. Even sound id bad. Cant even het what she saus 1:19

mustafa kuscu

nela bu annayamadım yencek bişeye benzemeyor

Cassandra Ridenhour

Have you thought about wearing a lav mic to improve audio quality? Tutorials are great, otherwise.


This first video lesson was extremely lame. Although it appeared as though the Windows Phone was the fastest to begin recording. Windows Phone, the Best !

Once again Vimeo wants money to watch the entire series ! I know you guys want to make income, but I also want to make my favorite rice and vegetable sauce and that costs money to buy everything and make it, lets not forget the cheese, Soy Cheese.

Andrea Allen PRO

Christopher, I heard you and have made all the videos free and open to anyone.
Also I gave you a free Plus account. Enjoy!

Sari-Lisa Bennett

Simplified learning! Loving it! Never too young and never too old to learn technology! Thanks MMV! Styling, moves,grooves ACTION ^******** Awsome*******^

Marga Martinez Gil

Cuando estén en Español, actualizaré a Plus o Pro.

Michael Kenny

Informative, and entertaining. Loved this!

heshmat ahadi

though your talents be as many as the hairs on your head they will be of no help in bad luck

heshmat ahadi

In the country of the blind the one one-eyed man is king


Thanks Andrea and crew for your unorthodox methods in keeping me interested. It really is the first set of tutorials i've not skipped through. Now i got some embarrassing footage of friends/strangers with this newly acquired knowledge.


Marquesha Martin-Salley

Hello Andrea...I love how you keep your tutorial interesting. I have an Android. Can I shoot a quality video with an Android? I have an HTC 626s.

Janet Lake

You make it seem so easy to make great videos. Thanks for the tips. I like your Monty Python style!

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