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Introducing Vimeo Business

Vimeo Staff
September 13, 2016 by Vimeo Staff Staff

Vimeo has always been home to a passionate community of video makers — from budding filmmakers to professional creators, small businesses to major brands, and everything in between. And now, we’ve got big news for all of you wonderful humans: Vimeo Business is here, and it’s packed with powerful video hosting, marketing, and analytics tools. Join now to dive into all the features, AND become part of the world’s best creative community.

In fact, our community is the driving force behind Vimeo Business. Over time, you’ve given us tons of feedback about what you need most: the ability engage with customers and generate leads, market new products, and seamlessly collaborate with colleagues. We built Vimeo Business precisely to address all those things and more.

Meet these powerful new features, especially for Vimeo Business:

  • Store more videos than ever before and enjoy unlimited bandwidth in the Vimeo player thanks to no weekly limits, and the ability to upload up to 5TB total of video
  • Dive into in-depth video stats when you connect Vimeo to your Google Analytics dashboard
  • Work seamlessly with colleagues, clients, video pros, and more — add up to 10 team members to help manage your account and videos
  • Captivate new customers and generate leads with clickable CTAs and email capture in the player, then send the info to MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor
  • Work with professional creators through Vimeo Brand Studio to make your next video

Vimeo Business members also enjoy all these outstanding PRO features:

  • Powerful privacy: password protection, domain-level privacy, and private link sharing
  • VIP support: get a first response to your email within 1 hour on business days, ET
  • Advanced stats: learn how people are watching your videos with engagement and duration graphs
  • Player customization: add your colors, logo, and more  
  • Seamless review tools: share videos with private review pages or with Wipster
  • Portfolios: showcase your videos on customizable websites
  • Easy uploading: upload videos from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box
  • Earn money: sell videos online and worldwide

If you’re looking for our most robust set of tools and insights to date, Vimeo Business has got you covered at every stage of your workflow — from video creation, to collaboration, to getting your videos out into the world in the most effective way possible.

Intrigued? Piqued? Eager to learn more? Join or upgrade to Vimeo Business, and dig into our Video Marketing 101 series on the blog, with tips for every stage of the process plus video walkthroughs of how to use our features. Or, compare all our membership plans to find the right Vimeo for you. We’re constantly dreaming up new tools for all our members — including our recently released stats tools, or how Vimeo PRO members can now add up to three additional team members to their accounts.

Once you dive in, tell us what tools you need most, what features you love best, and what you could use more of  — this is only the beginning for Vimeo Business, and your feedback will help us make it the best it can be.


Rachel Goldberg Staff

Hi @ottoproductions — Vimeo Business is meant to address the specific needs of teams, brands, and organizations, and we realize that's not the best fit for everyone. From basic memberships (which is free!) on up through Vimeo PRO, we aim to offer a number of tools and features that fit a variety of our community's needs and budgets. You can learn more about our different memberships here:

Peter Gambier

I really can't see much difference between normal Vimeo and the buiness Vimeo.
It's all about sharing your films and contacts etc isn't it and you do that anyway.
I don't really advertise at all,apart from a shield/sign on my car with my contact number
and name of my business.My work is dependant on word of mouth about the value for money
that I give and that I use quality long lasting materials and that I clean up after me, what people think of me is reflected in their feedback in the comments sections of any given site
I suppose.

Rachel Goldberg Staff

Hi @limespred, there are a few key differences between the memberships. Some highlights are that with Vimeo Business there are no weekly limits, you can add up to 10 team members on your account to better manage your videos, and you can check advanced stats through our Google Analytics integration. The membership differences are laid out here — but if your needs are already met, then that's awesome and makes us very, very happy :)

CannonDesign PRO

Thanks, was wondering this too, how was it different from PRO.

Viscom PRO

Can not access my Video Pro, after you have set banner with Busninees advertisement.

WarmCore Homes Plus

From a Business Account can we set up sub accounts? Our business runs multiple websites each with their own video channel

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Plus, PRO, and Business members can create unlimited channels on Vimeo. With Vimeo Business, you can also add up to 10 team members to your account to manage your videos and channels. I'm going to follow up with you over email to learn more about the exact setup you need.

LP Eriksson

Lead generation in emails are awesomeness deluxe. Thanks vimeo!

Neural Films PRO

We are a production company, what will best fit for us, Vimeo Business or Vimeo Pro?

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi! The primary advantages of Vimeo Business over PRO are the marketing tools like email capture, integrations with MailChimp and other email service providers, and the integration with Google Analytics. Vimeo Business accounts also don't have weekly limits, so if you think you'll need to upload more than 20GB per week fairly often, then Vimeo Business is a better choice for you.

Lem Lattimer

Where can I get more info about the stats? I want to create a site to rent yoga videos, but I need to see with videos or group of videos are the most popular ??


Looks like most if not all of these features I already get with a different service that starts with a "W" and is based in Cambridge, MA. Probably a dirty work for you guys, but seriously, what are you guys offering here that they aren't? Price difference is significant. I will always be a Vimeo Pro subscriber, but would love to consolidate providers if the value was there. Any thoughts/comparisons?

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @NIIS! Many of the tools we built for Vimeo Business were requested by the existing community of businesses that use Vimeo. Some of the big differences between us and our competitors are that we don't charge for bandwidth in our player, we integrate with cloud storage software like DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box, and (perhaps most importantly) we have a massive and amazing community connecting with videos every day.

With that said, Vimeo Business just launched and we have plans to add more tools and integrations. If you contact our support team (, we'd love to learn more about the specific features you're looking for.

Johan Liedgren PRO

Great news. A few questions:
What exactly does the distribution model entail and how it is different from embedding a Vimeo link into a social media post?
How does the Google Analytics integration work?
Are there opportunities to advertise on or sites other than social networks?
Do you have any case studies and has this been rolled out to a select group for testing? Are there any results you could share? I would be interested in testing some of the features for pushing my film Mother Nature to VOD.
Do you have any recommendations on how we might be able to leverage these new capabilities? We are working on case study and have an interest in making this work.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @liedgren! You can learn more about the Google Analytics integration here: Since your other questions are pretty specific to your VOD, I'm going to follow up with you over email shortly.

Ali Russell

Will there be any LIVE streaming features???

Rachel Goldberg Staff

Live video isn't currently a part of Vimeo Business, but we hear you and all requests for live-streaming features are being passed on to our dev team :)

junge meister* Erklärvideos PRO

A feature I would love to have with Vimeo Business is that I could add documents (.docx, .pptx, .pdf) and pictures (.jpg, .gif, .png) to every video for additional information. It could also be used as a basic e-learning tool then.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi – thanks for the suggestion! We're logging all feedback from the community for our product team to consider.

Mark Platt

I am trying to decide if I should sign up with vimeo business or stay with my free account.

Rachel Goldberg Staff

Hi Mark — it depends what you're looking for! Vimeo Business is great for teams, businesses and business owners, and video pros who are looking for extra powerful tools: more storage, in-depth stats with our Google Analytics integration, clickable CTAs and email capture for lead generation, and more. You can compare the differences here to make the best decision for you based on your needs:

Gary McClure

These ideas are very useful to me. I'm thinking of trying out these ideas.

Mark Zokle

I learned so much information from this that I can use.

Live Bare

This is very interesting. Looking forward to learn more significant updates.

Wycliffe Global Alliance Business

We Business users need more tools for our teams. Please create 10, quick, short tutorials on basic 'how to'. Most can upload, but there is confusion about how to switch accounts, what features are available to 'uploaders' etc. My manager account looks different from an 'uploader' and how we switch is different. This is confusing for everyone and difficult to help my team. Please help us.

MindHeart PRO

Hello we would have some questions about the lead capture function

"generate leads with clickable CTAs and email capture in the player, then send the info to MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor"

-) Is it possible to place it at a specific time code? or just at the end
-) does is connect to Active Campaign, by double optin (is required by EU law, high fines otherwise)

thank you

MindHeart PRO

Hello dear Vimeo-Team. We need to know if the optin procedure does comply with EU law. (Double optin) Thank you

Coluga Pictures PRO

What if I upgrade to Vimeo Business from Vimeo pro and change my mind, is there a financial penalty?

Rachel Goldberg Staff

Hey there! Vimeo Business is completely risk-free for your first month. If you’re not happy with Vimeo Business for any reason, you can cancel your membership within 30 days for a full refund.

Shane Israel

hi there, can you please confirm if it is possible to post these videos to you timeline/facebook page

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