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Join the fight to protect our free, open, weird internet

Michael Cheah
June 28, 2017 by Michael Cheah Staff

Our dear, free, open internet needs your help. Right now. We’re asking all our U.S. friends to join us in the national fight for net neutrality.  

The FCC is planning to undo the net neutrality rules that we fought so hard to support just two years ago. These rules ensure that internet service providers (ISPs) can’t block or throttle individual websites, charge fees for premium delivery, or favor their own content offerings. These rules are working, and without them, ISPs can reshape the way the internet works.

What you can do:

  • File your own comments with the FCC. It just takes a few minutes of your time, but can make a huge impact. If you’re a creator, add a comment about whether you’re able to pay extra $$ to ISPs to reach your audience. Or describe what it’s like to make choices between broadband internet options as an internet consumer, and what you expect from ISPs.
  • Spread the word. We made a video and some handy images to use and share, featuring thoughts from our own community about why net neutrality is so important. Start sharing and include your friends and family in the fight.

Vimeo is the home to so many creators and an unlimited supply of creativity. Vimeo creators don’t have to seek permission to make and innovate — they just do it. And they continue to flourish because they don’t have to worry about ISP interference. But if the FCC gets its way, platforms like Vimeo — and our creators — may have to pay more to ensure that their viewers can stream videos without interruption. An internet without net neutrality will start to resemble an old, rigid (vanilla) cable TV system, instead of the open network that we know and love.

On July 12, we’re standing with activists and like-minded companies in a day of action to support the existing net neutrality rules, built on a court-approved legal foundation (what’s called Title II of the Communications Act). We’ll also be filing comments with the FCC by their July 14 deadline. We’re asking you to join now and make your voice heard.

Fight! Start commenting and join the day of action. Fight for creativity and equal access for any internet user. Fight for our beautiful internet home. 



this is important. i very much appreciate using services from Vimeo, a company that strives to protect our digital rights, as opposed to Google's YouTube.

Gunnar Gervin

Yes, Vimeo does currently good work. But cooperating with Facebook/Zuckerberg is a probable issue/threat in the future; that guy is creepy and greedy.

Michael Gaskin

I agree with the rules, so I will not "fight" with you. Plus, to much shit talk about "resistance and fighting."


I'm in South Africa but I fully support you guys, this is wrong on all levels.

Бауржан Байбек

Я с Казахстана ,и не знаю английский ,как переводить я тоже не знаю .

James Lesni

You guys need to reformat the square video for twitter! Pronto!

"Twitter video height cannot exceed 1024 px!"

Бауржан Байбек

В Казахстане банят ,можно алматины здесь чатик устроят ?А то труба не удобная .


The right to our freedom. The Government takes enough from us. Let's fight to keep it the way it is.

scottie collier

the fcc trying to tell us what we can do on line. is just wrong ya there are some shady place on the web. but that fine the fcc is why tv sucks so much now. you can't say this or do that. ya there some assholes on line but so what. if they go and change things on line then sjw and whiny people will win. the world is all ready doing this demolition man style of word and that world is not worth living in

Daniel William Clark Plus

I've just posted to my own channel a short video about this. Anyone can download it and use it on their channel, social media page, or what have you, if they would like to. But yeah, we got rid of SOPA/PIPA. which would've been a "rethink our lives" type of nightmare had that been allowed to go through, so let's hope that our efforts can succeed once again!

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso PRO

Without Net Neutrality we could end up under a dictatorial government like in Cuba Venezuela or Germany under Hitler. There is no such thing as freedom or democracy and diversity if ideas are suppressed by the elite

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