If you’re a live broadcaster, direct engagement has always been the name of the game. Real-time interaction between you and your audience means more eyeballs, more growth, and more impact. With this in mind, we’ve recently been introducing lots of new ways for broadcasters to connect with their audience, live. Whether it’s live chat, live polling, email capture, or the newest member of the live family, live Q&A (more on that in a bit) — each of our live tools offer Premium and Enterprise users a potent way to cultivate stronger, more immediate engagement with your audience. As a quick recap, email capture helps you gather contact info before or after your stream. Live chat lets your audience chat and react during your live events. Live polls are an exciting way for you to quiz, gather opinions, or take the pulse of your audience. And now, with live Q&A, viewers can pose questions directly to you.

How the brand-new live Q&A works:

  • Q&A sessions are conducted through audience chat. The most popular and recent questions will appear in audience chat (next to the Vimeo player) in real-time.
  • Audience chat and live Q&A are also embeddable, so you can conduct Q&A on your own custom websites.
  • Viewers submit questions for broadcasters to answer during their stream.
  • Viewers upvote questions, letting the broadcaster know which questions their audience wants to be answered.
  • Broadcasters can display a graphic of the question they choose to answer in their stream.
Maybe you’re hosting a panel on robots and an audience member wants to know when the singularity will happen (that would be our question). Perhaps you’re teaching a live ceramics class and the audience is curious about pugmills (hint: they have nothing to do with pugs). No matter the subject, live Q&A is another simple, effective way to get a conversation going with the people watching your live events.

Live Q&A moderation

When fielding questions during a live stream, you may need to comb through them before they reach your audience’s eyes. When collecting input from a large event, like a town hall meeting, moderating your Q&A makes it more manageable for those answering the questions. Vimeo Enterprise now includes a live Q&A moderation feature, so you can make sure duplicate questions or sensitive information don’t reach your audience — a win for both your viewers and on-screen talent.   With live Q&A joining live polls, live chat, and email capture — Vimeo now offers an easy-to-use, powerful suite of live engagement tools for our Premium and Enterprise users to engage any audience.

Go live now to see for yourself