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Meet the new Slack integration, built for your team’s work

Vimeo Staff
November 12, 2018 by Vimeo Staff Staff

All teams need great communication. Without that, everything goes down in flames! And because we want you and your friends fire-free, we’re rolling out even more ways to collaborate, in even more places. As of today, you can sync your Vimeo projects with Slack and get updates instantly, making it easier than ever to connect with your crew across the tools you use most.

Why it’s awesome

Now you’ll be able to see the actions you and your team members make on Vimeo projects, right in the Slack channels you’re already using. Any Vimeo member currently working on a video project — think a private workspace for your team — can connect their Vimeo account to Slack. From there you’ll start to receive updates on any changes made to videos in that connected project.

Here’s how it breaks down for our different memberships: if you’re a Basic or Plus member, you can link your video projects to your Slack channels, so all members of those connected Slack channels will receive updates as you make revisions to your videos — think thumbnail and title changes.

If you’re Pro and above, these capabilities become a lot more powerful. Members of your connected Slack channels will get real-time updates for any and all changes that your Vimeo project users make to the videos. And, in addition, you and your team can see feedback and updates to your video review pages (e.g. when someone annotates your video, or resolves a comment). As always, with Pro you can add up to three team members to collaborate, or invite up to 10 with Vimeo Business.

Once you sync to Slack, you’ll be able to choose which Vimeo actions you want to see published to your Slack channels. You can enable the following updates for videos in your projects:

  • Review page comments, replies, and enabled or disabled review pages
  • Any changes to privacy
  • When a video is added to or removed from a project
  • When a video is added to or removed from albums, channels, groups, or portfolios
  • Any downloads
  • When videos are published to social channels
  • Thumbnail or title changes
  • Deleted videos

Ready, set, Slack

If you’re not already using Slack (the horror!), you can download it now and start collaborating in a jiff with your team. On Vimeo, you’ll want to head to your Videos page. When you create a new project, you can toggle to the “Notifications” section to enable the Slack integration. You’ll be prompted from there to connect Slack to Vimeo, and select which Slack channels you’d like Vimeo notifications to be posted to.

To sync current projects with Slack, simply hover over the project name and click “Edit project,” or you can hit the gear icon next to the project name. From there, you’ll toggle to the “Notifications” section and be prompted through the same flow as above.

Then, voila! The most important actions you and your team take will now appear in the Slack channels you work from. So get started by creating a project and launching a review page. In no time, your team will be able to work more smoothly across all the places you rely upon — and we think that’s pretty wonderful.


Matt James Smith PRO

I'm not getting Review page comment notifications to the Slack channel I've linked. Does it only notify me if it's a team member who leaves a review page comment (i.e. not a client who isn't a team member added to the project, but whom I have given the review page link to)?

LocalEyes Video Production PRO

I have the same question. I have the option checked in the integration settings but am not seeing any notifications in the linked slack channel when the client comments

Matt James Smith PRO

To be honest, notifications for review page comments are abysmal. They don’t come via any of the apps or the website (for me at least) - they only come via email, and as the client can leave dozens of comments at a time, I get a deluge of emails one by one as the client comments, completely bloating my inbox. It’s not ideal to say the least. I’d hoped this slack integration would be a workaround but it doesn’t seem to work. Plus I can’t see where to turn off my review page email notifications any more. ☹️

Dana Staff

@mattjamessmith @localeyes Thank you for reporting this issue and for sharing your feedback. Unfortunately, at this time, only review page comments left by logged in Vimeo users will appear in Slack.

You can disable email notifications for review page comments in your account settings page ( by setting the comments activity to No. Please note that, unlike Slack, email notifications for review page notes left by logged out viewers will always be sent and cannot be disabled.

All that said, we understand that the current state of review page notifications for logged out commenters is not ideal and we will be looking into solutions for the future. Please let me know if you have any other questions or feedback!

Matt James Smith PRO

I’m a Pro subscriber almost exclusively because of the Review Page function (which 99.9% of the time I am using with a non-Vimeo using client). My top two requests across all of Vimeo would be to see Review Page notifications overhauled and for Review Pages to be accessible via the mobile apps (for both myself and clients if possible).What is the best way to petition for this?

Dana Staff

@mattjamessmith Thanks for sharing this feedback. I'd be happy to log your notes as feature suggestions with our product team.

Bond Street Film Business

Yes, please make review pages accessible through the mobile app. And also please let us configure who of our team’s members get the notifications. I haven’t seen anyone else commenting on this, but it would make a great difference to our workflow and we would use Vimeo a lot more if we had this functionality.

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