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Presenting Vimeo Plus!

dalas verdugo
October 16, 2008 by dalas verdugo Alum
For years, everyone has been asking us to launch a paid account option on Vimeo. "It's coming soon, it's coming soon!" is what you've heard from us for quite a while. Well, we weren't just making excuses. We were locked deep in the Vimeo HQ, tapping away at our keyboards, building a service that we could be proud of and that you would find irresistible. Introducing [Vimeo Plus]( We like to say "It's Vimeo, plus more awesomeness." First and foremost, it's 300% more space for your videos. This is the most frequent request from you guys, so we're glad to be able to offer you 2GB per week with Vimeo Plus. The videos you upload will have priority conversion and your SD videos will be converted at higher quality. And you thought they looked good before! The second-most requested feature from you has been HD embedding, and Vimeo Plus makes that a reality as well. You get 1,000 HD embed plays with your Plus account, and adding more through [our store](/store) is super easy. Now your website will look slicker than ever, with streaming HD video in Vimeo's well-designed player. Speaking of the embed player, customization is the name of the game with Vimeo Plus. You have a totally liberating amount of options for your embedded videos. Now you can finally control every aspect of the player, from what's shown at the beginning and end, to the player buttons, even down to which sites are allowed to embed your video. All of this in a completely Ad-Free environment. That's right, when you buy Plus, banner ads disappear from Vimeo, leaving you with the cleanest experience in online video sharing you can find anywhere. Stop by the [Vimeo Plus]( page to check it out and purchase your Plus account. And if you know any other Vimeo fans, you can buy a Vimeo Plus account for them right from [our store]( For those of you who are sticking with the free account, here's the deal: you're going to have some new limitations. First of all, you'll only be able to upload one HD video per week. You will also be limited to creating 1 Group, 1 Channel and 3 Albums. It really does pain us to impose these limits, because we want you all to be happy, productive Vimeans, but we feel that if you're going to be a power user, you should help us keep Vimeo working by purchasing a Plus account. We appreciate your support more than you'll ever know. The good news is that you keep all of your existing Groups, Channels and Albums, even if you remain a free account user. Stay cool, The Staff of Vimeo For more helpful information, please check out our [Plus FAQ](



1GB per file limit is key.

dalas verdugo Staff

Right now, anything larger than that could cause problems with the conversion process. As you know, we're committed to giving you guys the best and we'll always work to improve everything on Vimeo.

Matt Schwarz Alum

With the right compression you could get a little over an hours worth of HD out of 1gb :)

Andris Krastiņš

By the way, I can't find that 1gb limit mentioned anywhere else FAQ or otherwise. May I suggest that it should be mentioned, because it's an important part of what we're getting for the yearly fee. (Will be getting, after I can order from outside USA)

Andris Krastiņš

Oh, sorry, I just found, under Storage Space "Details" in plus page.


Will the people who get Vimeo Plus have an icon or anything to show they have it?

Andrea Allen PRO

Yes, you get a cool little Plus badge next to your avatar!


Me likey!

PainCast PRO

i want to lose the plus icon. is there a way to take it away like the vimeo logo?

Andy Galletly

even though i don't really need all that space every week, i would buy it. For the added quality, and cos i like the vimeo. But i'm not american so i'm not allowed for some reason.

Andrea Allen PRO

International folks will be able to get Plus very soon. We are actively working on making it available.

Andris Krastiņš

Pity. I'll wait then. I just hope that "very soon" won't be another 6 months. j/k


I'll have to wait too
shame the exchange rate is so good between yen and dollars now.

Laurent Matthew Perret

does that mean that with the "plus" account i'll never see the bustedtees girls again!
no way!

Alexis Papageorgiou

1 Group, 1 Channel and 3 Albums? and anly 1 hd per week? Its all about Money. Even on Vimeo.


Well it is a business. They can't host HD videos for free.

dalas verdugo Staff

Sorry, but we want to keep the site running for a very long time, and it takes money to do that. We take that money and we hire more awesome developers and build more services and keep making Vimeo better.

Andy Galletly

the HD thing seems fair to me, but the album limitation particularly feels a bit petty

Ted Avery

Yeah, you had me on board till the album limitation. I don't care about HD and I don't think it's fair that I should have to pay $60 to store a few extra KB of information in the Vimeo servers about my albums.

dalas verdugo Staff

I'm sorry, but I think if you compare this to say, Flickr, where you are restricted in the number of sets you can create on a free account and you lose some of your photos if you upload too many, it fits into the market.

William Richardson

While it may "fit" into the market, isn't it Vimeo's goal to be ahead of the market? When you had already developed free features that you're now restricting with arbitrary limits, it certainly comes a shock to most everyone. Take for instance when Apple simply removed features from the iPod Touch like adding a calendar appointment on the actual device. Many people were angry about this and Apple eventually changed their tune.

I can always understand limiting things that cost more due to hardware, or strict limitations due to high cost to the provider. It just gets a little lame when you put arbitrary limits on things that most people know are not high cost to Vimeo in contrast to the new features developed.


I agree...
Once it was there... now take it away?
Why not make the plus MORE expensive and leave the original vimeo as it was.?
Man, this is really stupid to restrict.
It's like bate and switch.

Anyone really wants PLUS... let them PAY a hell of a lot more... if they really want that.


That was a bad decision, in my opinion...

I don´t care for HD (since I don´t have the hardware for it), and it´s fair to restrict it. But limiting free users to 1 group, 1 channel and 3 albums was a cheap call....

James Brechney Producer

For this kind of money unlimited uploads is really what is 'on market'. I'll get plus as soon as I'm allowed (australia) and I don't think I'll hit anywhere near 8GB a month but its just 'nice' to think you have the freedom to upload as much as you want (and wouldnt mind if there was a time limit of half hour or whatever on each video).

Instead of wasting weeks on hassling Visa to save a few cents on a merchant account for international payments, you guys could put some effort to acquire a good Marketing person? I think your making your base a little angry.

I love Vimeo and am stuck here ;)


What the...?
"For years, everyone has been asking us to launch a paid account option on Vimeo."
Yes, that's true. A paid option was requested, and I was for it too, but taking advantage of that to remove some of the freedom of the free account is really mean. Yes a paid account, but that grows on top of the basic offering, not that takes some of it (number of groups etc and unlimited number of HD videos) and just adds a couple of insignificant things...

- HD embedding... OK, it's there, but more as a teaser as there's an even additional cost after 1000. If it's to do "pay-per-click", just offer it outside of the plus package.
- Priority upload - Never found it to be too slow before
- Video quality - was good enough, plus with the original there to download, not very important IMO
- 2GB / week - I was expecting unlimited... when you come back from an event with a lot of footage, it's annoying to have to wait weeks until you can upload everything... usually after you've uploaded those you won't be sending more for some time anyway, so it evens out, but there's no waiting to get the stuff up.
- No ads - Who doesn't use adblock nowadays? If the goal is to support the site having no ads in return is normal, but it's not a "feature".

Why limit the number of HD uploads in the free account, when it's already restricted to 500MB a week? OK so one can upload one 500MB HD vid, but not 4 125MB ones, when it would take just the same space and processing time.

In summary, I don't need the new features of the "plus" account, and I don't feel like paying just to regain the old possibilities. It's not being tight, as I would gladly support the site, its community and its spirit I find great, but this is just inconsistent with it.

Basically, it just seems that the "1 HD vid per week" and restricted number of albums etc, which are things that users know are not points that do cost vimeo more, are just casualties of the lack of new features vimeo had to offer the paying customers, so something had to be done to differentiate free and plus a bit more. And that's just the opposite of the spirit vimeo has been carrying, or at least how I've understood it.

If you couldn't find truly innovative/valuable things to offer in the plus account, you should have waited a bit more until you did, or even better asked the interested users what they wanted...

Jonathan Salvo

If you're going to start comparing Vimeo to Flickr, you should note that a Flickr "Pro" account is less than half of what Vimeo is asking ($24.95).

Plus taking away former "free" features is a confusing drawback (not what, but WHY).

Way to go, Vimeo. A big step in the wrong direction.

Andrew Pile Staff

Jonathan, if you look at the feature set of Flickr's video vs. ours I think you'd agree there's no comparison. For one thing, you can't even upload video if you're not Pro. There is no free account for that. Flickr videos are limited to 90 seconds and there's no HD, no embedding controls, and no advanced privacy.

I think Plus is worth it.

Jeff Johnson

It also appears that you have downgraded the quality of video submitted by standard members. That was always the appeal of Vimeo to me. You had higher quality video than other sites. I don't feel like paying to maintain what we already had. As stated above, I think it's a bad decision to downgrade your current offering to make the Plus features stand out more.

Matt Schwarz Alum

haha :) I love you Casey. I feel like the music from that epic Jurassic Park intro scene needs to be playing during the checkout process, cause that's how it feels to go plus!

dalas verdugo Staff

I wonder if immigration rates to the US will skyrocket because of people moving here to buy Plus?

Karen Abad Plus

cute..when can we change the colours and make them symbols and animated gifs of unicorns dancing with top hats?

Jon Rawlinson PRO

I wish I could get a PLUS icon too...

* Note to self...must move to U.S. just to get a PLUS account.

matthew strong Plus

when is vimeo plus international happening ?

this is the new big vimeo question dudes.


Vimeo plus international is what I want! You guys in the US are sooooooo selfish. I'm frustrated right now.

And by the way I'm not moving to the US and pay 700 billion$ just for vimeo plus.

dalas verdugo Staff

Haha! Nice bailout joke :) Looks like someone bought you a Plus account!

Andy Baio

Congrats on the release. What happens after we hit 1,000 plays on embedded HD videos? Does it stop functioning entirely, or switch back to normal quality, or what?


Is it 1,000 embedded HD plays per year? Because otherwise, there's no way I'd continue paying $60/yr just for the OPPORTUNITY to purchase HD embeds.

Matt Schwarz Alum

You pay the 59.95 a year for the Plus service with 1,000 free HD embed plays, once they are used up you can buy more packages starting at 9.95 for 1,000 plays


I did check the FAQ. My question was if the 1,000 plays are refreshed each year when you renew.

Matt Schwarz Alum

Ahh, I would assume they would be since every new year gives 1,000 free HD embeds.

Sebastian Plus

Glad it's here, congrats on the release.

Can I now make a private video, but still embed it on my private site without a password or requiring my readers to log in to vimeo?

Matt Schwarz Alum

Hey there,

You can now choose to only allow embeds on certain sites, which means only on your site and no where else! :)

Sebastian Plus

Thanks Matt, let me put it another way. I have a private blog for my family, and I want to embed videos there. I want these videos to be private on Vimeo. Currently to embed a private video, without making my readers have Vimeo accounts, I password protect it. Then I give the password in my post. Clunky.

So, does Plus change this? Thanks! :)

Matt Schwarz Alum

Ah, that it does not, you'll have to continue the password way for now, the embed restrictions are the only privacy difference.

Sebastian Plus

Ok thanks.

Motionbox allows you to embed a "private" video unencumbered, and it's a great feature for me. But they're not Vimeo. :(

Andrew Pile Staff

We get this request a lot. Although we want to let people do whatever they want, we also don't want to lose great content for those who get all their videos through Vimeo! I think there's probably a good solution out there. Now that Plus is finished we'll look into it!

Sebastian Plus

Thanks for the response Andrew. I realize that this, essentially family-memory video hosting, isn't quite aligned with Vimeo's community/artsy focus. Something like motionbox is probably in better alignment.

But I also enjoy the community side of Vimeo, and a lot of the stuff I want to host online would fall in that classification too.

So it's this subtle feature combination that would open Vimeo up to me for both my main purposes.

Looking forward to what you folks cook up in the future. For now I think I've got to hang tight on Plus.

dalas verdugo Staff

We love the families too! We've always been fans of both creative videos and sharing slices of life.

Sam Westrop

Good news about the plus being up and running but shame about altering the free accounts ah I am a student ... money has to be used with care but I kind of see why your doing it.

Taylor Doyle Gillespie

I'm in guys.

But we should really explore some other name options, like Vimeo ACE. Or maybe Vimeo EXTREEEEEEEME!!!!!!1!1!1


Thats only .012 cents a minute!!!!! (I think) the excitement may have hindered my math capabilities.


Congrats on the release, as mentioned though, not in the US. Bit dissapointing that after the build up...

dalas verdugo Staff

We're working hard to make it available to you as soon as possible. It's not because we don't love ya!

Robin Davies-Rollinson PRO

We'd know you really loved us in PAL-land if we could keep our original 25fps and not have it converted to 24p and the consequent video stuttering...

Keith Loutit PRO

congrats on the product release. As an international user add me to the happy to pay list. Thanks Keith.

Emrys Roberts Plus

I was kind of hoping you guys were going to have plus for just a bit cheaper, but I can understand the reason for it. Video encoding and storage are not at all cheap and easy to do. I guess that is the great way to justify the 59.99 a year for vimeo. The initial cost is a bit high, but that is for a whole year. Comparatively to other video hosting sites, its so much cheaper. Plus the community in Vimeo is awesome.

Long story short, I'll be getting plus tonight.


Dan Nelson

Thanks for doing this, I'll be going plus as soon as I finish my site.

Jared Cherup

Plus is great, however, your decision to limit groups, channels, and albums seems a little unfair since these were unlimited before plus.

dalas verdugo Staff

I'm sorry, Jared, but think of the alternative: If we had limited those numbers before Plus launched, we would have been restricting you without giving you the option to pay to remove those restrictions. In our view, it was better to let you create as many as you wanted, and we're letting you keep the ones that you did create.

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